Long Time No Post , Quick Update

I have been too busy to write a post on this very blog 🙂 Here are quick update.

  • Released a few versions of youtube_cache in last couple of weeks. Youtube Cache now supports caching videos from 10 websites. A few ISPs are using it.
  • IntelligentMirror also received updates.
  • Placements are here. And I am still f**cking with this caching thing. Too addictive.
  • Inclination towards higher studies as more and more companies decline campus recruitment. How tough GRE can be?
  • Sudden fear of losing all the friends sucks big time 🙁
  • Proxy war with a professor. Just kidding 😀
  • No outing in last two weeks.
  • Mahaveer’s Compete India is doing really great 🙂

Rest laterz.


I announce cachevideos.com ( the official guide for caching videos )

I still remember when I launched saini.co.in in November last year. That was my first website that I owned and I came to know about things like hosting, domains and related things. This year, I am proudly launching cachevideos.com, which will act as an official website for my (now) popular squid plugin youtube cache. The website is drupal based and all I have done is populated the content, modified some CSS, installed some modules, themes etc. It took almost 1-2 days for building that website. Drupal is a real cool CMS if you want to build sites quickly. Will write a post about how I build that site sometime. A big thanks to Sambhav Jain for customizing the header image for the website using photoshop. And train loadz of thanks to SMR for providing fu**ing awesome hosting service at g33k.in. Will write a review about the hosting sometime soon.

My addiction for purchasing domain names is growing with time. I currently own 10+ domains just for the heck of it. Wasted (invested?) more than $100 in last one year on purchasing domains. I own the following domains currently.

  1. saini.co.in
  2. fedora.co.in
  3. cachevideos.com
  4. pixomatix.com
  5. fedoraproject.co.in
  6. fedoratube.com
  7. intelligentmirror.org
  8. suse.co.in
  9. cacheyoutube.com
  10. kulbirsaini.com
  11. iiitblogroll.com
  12. iiitbloggers.com

Hopefully I’ll stop purchasing domains and start working on putting content on them 🙂


Condition for a getting a degree

So far the day has been really frustrating for me. I WONDER how people really manage to get a graduate/postgraduate degree when they don’t even know how to use a browser or how to look up ip address of a domain name or how to write an email ??? The institute should consider putting up a course in the final sem in which they’ll check the following

  • The student knows how to use a browser.
  • He/she knows how to bypass the proxy server for an IP range or domain names.
  • He/she knows how to find out the IP address of a domain name.
  • He/she knows what is https.
  • He/she knows that if ssh is blocked it means if he/she tries to access the server via ssh access will be denied. And server can only display text and it will not cry/shout “Access denied”.
  • He/she can find out the IP address of his/her own machine.

This post was written after all the frustration caused by the reason you know. Never mind 😐


My blog is famous now

Its a stark truth that everyone in this blogosphere lives just for the hits, comments and money if applicable he/she receives. And if you are blogger and you are not able to fetch any of these, then I would say you are not doing your work properly. I have seen people doing all kinds of tricks from poking their friends to visit their blog to registering their blogs on random publishing sites to get some traffic. People die to get traffic and I am not an exception. As recently my linux blog has been receiving a lot of traffic which may be because of the following reasons

  1. From Google (people looking for howtos).
  2. From planet fedora as my blog is listed there.
  3. Because of the improvements in page rank.
  4. Because of my recent plugin development for squid, i.e. youtube_cache and intelligentmirror.
  5. Because people are dying to use linux 😛
  6. Because of the aging factor.

Anyway I thought I’ll publish some results.

I have been receiving 800 Pageviews daily on an average. Alexa says my blog’s rank in 3 lakh.

1. Google Analytics stats for the last week

Google Analytics stats for fedora.co.in

Click for a clear view.

2. Alexa traffic stats for the last week , also available here in detail.

Alexa Stats for fedora.co.in

3. I recently activated the who is online plugin on Linux blog which shows how many users are currently online. Normally 5-15 users are online but I was surprised when it reached 38 users.

Guests on fedora.co.in

Click for a clear view.

4. This site says that my blog is worth US$4300.

PS : I think a blogger would know more SEO techniquest than a IE student 😛


Whats keeping me busy lately

Previous week was a bit more busier than I actually expected. I wonder why I have to attend a lot of meetings. There were 3-4 of them last week.

Constant complaints about wireless are killing and sometime frustrating. As rishabh pionted out “Become a sysAdmin at IIIT” as a never do thing. I don’t agree completely. But sometimes you get frustrated enough by the complaints and incompetence of your colleagues to say that. Keeping that apart, being a sysAdmin is real fun. You get to play with most critical servers at the place. You learn things that you will never learn in a course or project. (I wonder what we actually learn in a course 😛 One thing I can immediately point out is the attendence management.)

Apart from above, I have been working on IntelligentMirror, my GSOC project and its sister project Youtube Caching using squid. I have achieved 100% youtube caching without altering the refresh patterns in squid. That means your squid will not malfunction and will cache youtube videos successfully and in a browsable fashion 🙂 Going to release version 0.2 very soon. Working on caching Google and metacafe videos as well.

And last but not the least, sleep time has increased from 6-8 hrs to 12-16 hrs/day 😛

PS1 : This is the funniest post, I have ever seen. A must see for MS by research people 😛

PS2 : Also maruti has posted some nice crap 😛


I am fedora’ed

Ever since I joined IIIT, I was getting closer and closer to Fedora. For almost the first two and a half years, I was a user and explorer (not the internet one 😛 ). I learnt to use and hack many things as I kept climbing up. Few months ago, I stepped up one more stair and started participating in development channels (mainly #yum).

Though I was not really developing anything, I was reading the source code and was constantly trying to break things. Whenever I happened break something successfully, I discussed it over the mailing list or irc and get it fixed. It was like a prerequisite to get started with the actual development.

Then my project was accepted for GSOC and I knew that this will really be a huge breakthrough to get started with actual development for open source. I was damn excited as I saw the time coming when I will give back to the open source community.

These days, I am feeling fedora in everything I do. Being a developer, you get surrounded by Fedora too much that you see Fedora everywhere. I use Fedora all the time. Whatever I code get pushed to Fedora Hosted. Whatever I write, again gets reflected at Planet Fedora. I am now addicted to reading blogs from Planet Fedora. They give you a nice place to host open source stuff, as in Fedora People 🙂 You get an email address [kulbirsaini AT fedoraproject DOT org] , which you can show off in your friend circle 😛 And thats all my routine these days.



Recent Happenings

  1. Entire wifi was down for almost two hours today. Emergency situation. I called whoever I could but just wasted time and money. Wifi admin would have felt totally surprised after getting 25-30 missed calls from my number 😛 Pinged back after an hour and things were back in tune. Thank god!!
  2. Celebrated Yum Bug Day today. We fixed and closed a lot of bugs. Was a very good experience.
  3. GSOC project is going fine.
  4. IntelligentMirror is now hosted on fedorahosted.org 🙂 Checkout the source code here.
  5. Hooked to Gossip Girls 🙂
  6. Playing cricket at 6AM after night out is now becoming a habit. Will post about it sometime 🙂
  7. Duration and frequency of BC sessions is on the rise. OBH really rocks 🙂
  8. Intake of caffeine is on the rise as well. Thanks to OBH coffee machine 🙂
  9. Chatting a lot these days. Don’t ask why ? 😛
  10. Blogged a lot this month 🙂



Students Lab Comittee Meet – 1

Students Lab Comittee had a few meetings with Rawat sir before he joined IIIT. A lot of things were discussed and things finally started moving when he joined IIIT.

Past week we had a meeting with Rawat sir where a lot of things were discussed. We finally decided to pick up problems one by one and kill them to restore the system health. We picked up proxy for this week. Our task was to analyze the hardware, software, load, performance and configuration files on the machine and suggest improvements. Well, I did that and have already submitted a report to Rawat sir. The details are beyond the scope of this post. Once approved, these improvements will be deployed this Sunday.

I am pretty much excited about the near future 🙂 Hope the system will be in good health soon.


Got IIIT Website Redesign Project

Hi all!

This is Kulbir Saini, back with a bang. Here is another success story. I am pleased to inform you all that we, a team of three UG3 students ( Kulbir Saini, M Bhargava, Vamshi) have been selected for IIIT Website Redesign Project. And the good thing is that its neither a summer project, nor a semester project for a few credits. Its business. On may 1st, we presented our templates and a working prototype of the new IIIT website to the concerned committee ( which consists of people from administration) along with five other companies (I don’t have details and its not even good to mention them). And finally our team has been selected for redesigning the entire website along with websites for all the research centers. Our team is basically a kind of venture with me as a technical partner and Bhargava and Vamshi as design partners. Believe me these guyz are awesome designers. They design things as if they are made for designing them. Mind blowing.


Kulbir Saini aka General Bordeaux 🙂