I announce cachevideos.com ( the official guide for caching videos )

I still remember when I launched saini.co.in in November last year. That was my first website that I owned and I came to know about things like hosting, domains and related things. This year, I am proudly launching cachevideos.com, which will act as an official website for my (now) popular squid plugin youtube cache. The website is drupal based and all I have done is populated the content, modified some CSS, installed some modules, themes etc. It took almost 1-2 days for building that website. Drupal is a real cool CMS if you want to build sites quickly. Will write a post about how I build that site sometime. A big thanks to Sambhav Jain for customizing the header image for the website using photoshop. And train loadz of thanks to SMR for providing fu**ing awesome hosting service at g33k.in. Will write a review about the hosting sometime soon.

My addiction for purchasing domain names is growing with time. I currently own 10+ domains just for the heck of it. Wasted (invested?) more than $100 in last one year on purchasing domains. I own the following domains currently.

  1. saini.co.in
  2. fedora.co.in
  3. cachevideos.com
  4. pixomatix.com
  5. fedoraproject.co.in
  6. fedoratube.com
  7. intelligentmirror.org
  8. suse.co.in
  9. cacheyoutube.com
  10. kulbirsaini.com
  11. iiitblogroll.com
  12. iiitbloggers.com

Hopefully I’ll stop purchasing domains and start working on putting content on them 🙂


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