Rediff Interview

A few days back I got a call from an alumnus about a job opening at Rediff in my domain (server side craziness :P). Initially I was a bit surprised because I was not expecting something like that at all. After discussing a bit more about it, I returned to my room and forwarded the resume. Two days later while I was in RnD Showcase, I got a call from Rediff regarding the interview timings. It was scheduled on Saturday 21st at 1PM.

Saturday 21st

In the morning at around 9:40AM, I got a call from Sumit Rajwade (VP, Tech, Rediff) asking if interview can be conducted at 10:30AM. I replied positively. I got a bit nervous as I had to quickly arrange a place where we can meet. Arranged a conference room. At around 10:15AM, I got another call from Sumit saying that he was at coffee shop. I was deeply shocked. Coffee Shop :O I couldn’t really figure out what was going on. In my point of view, coffee shop is THE best place in IIIT Hyderabad. For me its a holy place 😛 When I reached coffee shop, I saw two guyz enjoying cold milk. Sumit said, “Whenever I come to IIIT, I always visit coffee shop. I can’t miss this cold milk”. I was still dumbstruck.

After brief introductions, interview started. He asked some NATing questions seeking answers at TCP level. I was able to answer those. Then we moved on to open source domain. Talked about Apache compression and keepalive for sometime. Then we moved on to squid and caching. I feel so good when somebody asks me something about caching/squid. Have been experimenting with caching/squid since last 1 year. Then we exchanged a few thoughts about our interests. Luckily there were no questions about printf statements. Then I briefed him about things I have been doing since last four years. After that he introduced me to the kind of work they are expecting from me. It looked pretty awesome and inspiring at the same time. Few more thoughts exchanged and it was all done. I was asked to take some time out to visit Rediff Head Office in Mumbai.

All in all, it was fun talking to Sumit. He has been hacking (here hacking means hacking and not cracking) open source softwares since years. Inspiring personality.

The most shocking thing to me was the coffee shop part of it. I never imagined that I’ll be interviewed at Coffee Shop.


Passed GSoC

I have passed my final evaluations for my Google Summer of Code’08 project IntelligentMirror. It was fun and excitement developing the squid plugin. The best thing was I didn’t have to move to a different place or go office for working. Work at home, do what you always wanted to do (open source stuff), talk with people with similar interests(fedora people), get nice payments and have your first project released in open source domain 🙂 That was GSoC.

Another post coming up with detailed GSoC experience 🙂

Have fun,

General Bordeaux 😀


Got IIIT Website Redesign Project

Hi all!

This is Kulbir Saini, back with a bang. Here is another success story. I am pleased to inform you all that we, a team of three UG3 students ( Kulbir Saini, M Bhargava, Vamshi) have been selected for IIIT Website Redesign Project. And the good thing is that its neither a summer project, nor a semester project for a few credits. Its business. On may 1st, we presented our templates and a working prototype of the new IIIT website to the concerned committee ( which consists of people from administration) along with five other companies (I don’t have details and its not even good to mention them). And finally our team has been selected for redesigning the entire website along with websites for all the research centers. Our team is basically a kind of venture with me as a technical partner and Bhargava and Vamshi as design partners. Believe me these guyz are awesome designers. They design things as if they are made for designing them. Mind blowing.


Kulbir Saini aka General Bordeaux 🙂


Madness !!!!!

Sometimes you do something, which you can’t even imagine. It will not be something new if I curse mess food for its quality. But what if I suffer overeating in mess, people will think that I have lost my mind. But thats what happened yesterday.

We, alok, somani, deepak, ankush, dharmeet and me of course, went to Yuktaahar at 12:30pm for having lunch as usual. As usual, I didn’t like the food and was eating rotis with some pickle I brought from home. I ate about 8 rotis and alok said that lets see who will eat the largest no. of rotis. Everyone except me and somani quit immediately, which was pretty obvious. At a later stage, somani also quit because he had a nice breakfast and was not in a situation to take the challenge. So, only me and alok left. Then started a counter which was increasing as if it got stuck in a while(true) loop. We were eating as if we never had food.

Kulbir – 10 Alok – 09

Kulbir – 12 Alok – 13

Kulbir – 16 Alok – 15

The queue for rotis was getting longer and longer and there was almost no probability that the competition will proceed. Then we gave a chance to alok that if he ask her (she was standing in the queue) for the rotis, then I will accept that I lost the challenge. But he refused as expected. So, the counter went on and on …

Kulbir – 18 Alok – 19

Kulbir – 21 Alok – 20

Kulbir – 23 Alok – 21

We went to Yuktaahar at 12:30pm and up to 2:00pm we were eating rotis. A lot of people came and left after having lunch. But we, alok, somani and me were there fighting for survival.

So, finally I won eating 23 rotis in mess. hell ?????? How did I manage to eat 23 rotis in the mess? Have I lost my mind ? Anyway I defeated alok. But surprise is that I, Kulbir Saini defeated alok even in eating competition. I know nobody is going to believe this, but it is the TRUTH.

Alok was not well at physical as well as mental level after showing his madness to invite me for the challenge. It was a fatal mistake by alok, but on my part eating 23 rotis was just a pure act of MADNESS !!!!

Don Kulbir