Students Lab Comittee Meet – 1

Students Lab Comittee had a few meetings with Rawat sir before he joined IIIT. A lot of things were discussed and things finally started moving when he joined IIIT.

Past week we had a meeting with Rawat sir where a lot of things were discussed. We finally decided to pick up problems one by one and kill them to restore the system health. We picked up proxy for this week. Our task was to analyze the hardware, software, load, performance and configuration files on the machine and suggest improvements. Well, I did that and have already submitted a report to Rawat sir. The details are beyond the scope of this post. Once approved, these improvements will be deployed this Sunday.

I am pretty much excited about the near future 🙂 Hope the system will be in good health soon.


3 thoughts on “Students Lab Comittee Meet – 1

  1. IIIT lab committee actually used to work before the new sysadmins came.

    Ranta, Nirni, Nayani used to work and we had proper rules and things moved in a smooth fashion.
    There were no network crisis. Downloads were still present and still there was no bandwidth issue.

    After the sysadmins came, its their fault. Dont blame ur senior labcoms.

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