Condition for a getting a degree

So far the day has been really frustrating for me. I WONDER how people really manage to get a graduate/postgraduate degree when they don’t even know how to use a browser or how to look up ip address of a domain name or how to write an email ??? The institute should consider putting up a course in the final sem in which they’ll check the following

  • The student knows how to use a browser.
  • He/she knows how to bypass the proxy server for an IP range or domain names.
  • He/she knows how to find out the IP address of a domain name.
  • He/she knows what is https.
  • He/she knows that if ssh is blocked it means if he/she tries to access the server via ssh access will be denied. And server can only display text and it will not cry/shout “Access denied”.
  • He/she can find out the IP address of his/her own machine.

This post was written after all the frustration caused by the reason you know. Never mind 😐


17 thoughts on “Condition for a getting a degree

  1. may i ask why ssh is blocked? is it one of the many brilliant ideas of the server room staff? the web interface sucks bigtime and me wants pine back!!

  2. Man i think otherwise, even profs should have appear for those tests.
    Daily i get many calls to look their comp and idiots they dont set their ips and complains my device drivers are screwed….

  3. 1. Of course I know how to use a browser !! I check my e-mails daily….. I just wish they make a browser in which I can open two websites simultaneously.
    2. I know how to bypass the proxy. Just remove all the entries in the proxy field when you wish to browse a local website and write them again when you wish to surf the net again. Simple !!
    3. How can I know the IP address of a domain name. Server room people never send a mail to students after alloting an IP. πŸ™ You can’t blame us for your mistakes.
    4. Isn’t https plural of http?? :O
    5. What??? You don’t have a security alarm installed on the server??… See, poor security measures.
    6. Hey… I hope u can help me with this..I saw everywhere but there was no IP address sticker on the back of my laptop πŸ™

  4. Yeah…we need ssh… maybe u can block outside ssh access…but atleast from within IIIT we shud be allowed…

  5. @Kunal true
    @Sashidhar temprory frustration …
    @Sultan +1
    @rahul when you said system … i remembered few dialogs from sarkar …
    @satya, anonymous awesome stuff guyz … i just wasted those minutes to write and proof read those emails ..
    @Gopal πŸ˜€
    @Nithin no comments … i have to complete my
    @Full Time BC you are the best … you rock … you rock harder then anyone …
    @Zenwalker πŸ™

  6. U did not really answer satya, anon or zenwalker and unless u do so such queries will keep popping up. Ppl are curious(and they should be). and they do have the right to know, don’t they? The reason they are asking u is bcoz they know u and will trust the rationale u give them instead of the approaching the server room staff and boy they do have a reason to be cynical about their views.

    The best way for u to curb the ppl-asking-stupid-questions menace (if thats what u think it is) should be to just tell them and not try to patronize them.

    I do understand that being flooded has irked you but comeon you are one of these (non-idiot-to-be smart) students.

  7. all you said in the mail is:

    1.ssh access to students server has been disabled permanently. It’ll
    not be allowed. Please stop sending personal requests.
    2. As ssh is permanently blocked, access to pine is not possible.

    you didn’t mention *why* it has been blocked and i asked for a reason in the comment above! do u think you’ve answered the question? and is it such a stupid question that it irks you this much?

  8. @Bharat i was not irritated by the flooded mails and will never be .. i love to help people in trouble .. but one should not ask how do i find the ip of … and if i say (i give a domain name instead of ip address), one should not try to ssh to that from his/her browser πŸ™ that irritated me a bit … i am (was) so proud of being a iiitian 😐
    @satya please read my answer to Bharat. hope that help you to have a feel good about it. on the other hand, we blocked ssh due to the security issues. people have really weak passwords and more than 10% people have the standard iiit password. That exposes the server to all sorts of attacks and that was the reason server was compromised πŸ™ Now you can ask is still there. I’ll say mails are more critical that webspace. if you don’t have your website up for 5 days, it doesn’t really matter but if you lose mails even for an hour, it may hurt seriously. I hope you’ll understand now πŸ™‚

  9. @Kulbir 2 questions
    1. Who chose U to be sys admin (urself??)
    2. Do u do it for free?

    Some suggestions/observations
    1. Come up with a strong password mechanism for all. Do not allow any one to create weak passwords.
    2. Solve the problem. You are throwing your pant due to “chillad” in it. Kill them. Do not become nude and feel ashamed.

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