About Me

I am Kulbir Saini, a B.Tech. final year student in Computer Science at IIIT Hyderabad. I am passionate about Open Source Software development. I am a part Fedora Project since two years. I am also interested in System Administration. I am a part of Sysadmin Team at my university since last one and a half year where we manage proxy, mail, web and DNS servers and wireless network. I proposed an idea of intelligent caching of RPM/DEB packages  (IntelligentMirror) for the same content served from several mirrors which was selected and funded by Google Inc. for Google Summer of Code 2008. I was guided by The Fedora Project and JBOSS.org for the same. While developing this project, I  became a squid hacker and developed another project called videocache which caches the dynamically served videos from various online video portals like Youtube, Google Videos etc. This is currently being used by ISPs in Brazil, Lebanon, Thailand, Pakistan, Serbia etc. I also contributed to Padma (a Mozilla Firefox extension to display Indic scripts). I wrote Unicode mappings for Marathi True Type font Shree-Dev-0714.

Apart from Open Source, I am also interested in network security.  Finding loopholes in the network is my hobby. In past, I have won hacking contest at my university during annual festival. I am also interested in host based performance enhancement at operating system level and my  recommendations have appeared in Fedora Weekly Newsletters.

My interests also includes CMS based web development and I love both Drupal and WordPress. I have medium level expertise in Drupal module development and has worked on several outsourced module development projects in social networking domain.

I possess good leadership skills. I mentored two students from junior batch in my second year for an Open Source project. I also mentored seven IT Work Shop projects related to web development in my final year.

Apart from working, I love writing blogs. I write technical articles about my Open Source development adventures. I have been writing blogs regularly since last four years and has explored SEO in details to boost my blogs’ visibility :P.

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