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Hi all!

This is Kulbir Saini, back with a bang. Here is another success story. I am pleased to inform you all that we, a team of three UG3 students ( Kulbir Saini, M Bhargava, Vamshi) have been selected for IIIT Website Redesign Project. And the good thing is that its neither a summer project, nor a semester project for a few credits. Its business. On may 1st, we presented our templates and a working prototype of the new IIIT website to the concerned committee ( which consists of people from administration) along with five other companies (I don’t have details and its not even good to mention them). And finally our team has been selected for redesigning the entire website along with websites for all the research centers. Our team is basically a kind of venture with me as a technical partner and Bhargava and Vamshi as design partners. Believe me these guyz are awesome designers. They design things as if they are made for designing them. Mind blowing.


Kulbir Saini aka General Bordeaux 🙂


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  1. hi,
    i am also a fellow GSOC’er from india ,, and the link to my blog is “”..and the GSOC project i am working on is “Panoramio / Wikipedia -photo support for Marble” KDE/Marble.

  2. Congrats… personally, I think it wud have been a matter of shame if we had to give this website design to outsiders. You showed them again “IIIT Rocks”. You saved our noses 😀

  3. kwel …

    can u put the personal website links with the students’ name. it use to be thr before … but they removed it later on.

  4. Great going.

    In case, you didn’t get your hands on the feedback, here’s mine-


    There are two sides to it –

    1. Technical

    + I see bad use of CSS and Javascript.
    + The fonts are absolutely horrible. And the colors used for text are disgusting. The PG admissions page has text in RED and GREEN.
    + Please do not use text in CAPS. It looks like YOU ARE SHOUTING.
    + There are dead links all over the place.
    + The HTML is not browser independent. It is rendered differently on different browsers.

    2. Issues with the content

    + Most of the content I find is ancient. It is not updated frequently and is stale.
    + There is wrong information provided on the website. I suppose this has to do with the concern above.
    + The content is not structured properly.
    + There are grammatical mistakes.

    Q. Could you please suggest some new features which would make the Web site truly world class?

    At the very outset, there is no adjective ‘world-class’ when it comes to websites. A ‘great’ website has content structured properly, is navigable, puts more emphasis on important material while providing an easy click-path to the rest of the content, is visually appealing and is updated frequently.


    Since I’ve seen the aforementioned designers’ work, I’m not worried about part (1) above, but please, pretty please, make sure you don’t make grammatical mistakes. It is a BIG BIG turn off.

    Get all your content sanitized by someone who has almost native-level expertise in English. The felicity website had spelling mistakes and they were not rectified even after reminding the designers of the same.

    Good luck.

    PS-Make it a community level project, where people can discuss improvements changes etc.

  5. Cheerio…Thats a really good news…

    A university homepage often represents the quality of the university. Sadly we never cared on that front.

    Some websites I really like include ISB’s homepage,
    MIT’s homepage

    As the model in IIIT is to put an RA for web-site maintenance, and presuming this would be done this way long after you are gone. It would be good to structure the site allowing for static and dynamic content; allowing for news etc such that the whole thing does not screws up.

    Since you are designing it from scratch, you might consider giving it a thought of using tag libraries with font databases. This way you can dynamically change website color (pre-designed) may be everyday. (I love this MIT idea 🙂 )

    Last but not the least, you can learn from Drupal for security and wire-frame linkages.

    Not sure why i am blabbering all this…Just quite happy that someone is working on this. Well you are the best….Wish you good luck !!

  6. @sultan thanks for the tips … they’ll be on the check list while working
    @divx will you be surprised if I say we are going to use Drupal as CMS ? 😀

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