Madness !!!!!

Sometimes you do something, which you can’t even imagine. It will not be something new if I curse mess food for its quality. But what if I suffer overeating in mess, people will think that I have lost my mind. But thats what happened yesterday.

We, alok, somani, deepak, ankush, dharmeet and me of course, went to Yuktaahar at 12:30pm for having lunch as usual. As usual, I didn’t like the food and was eating rotis with some pickle I brought from home. I ate about 8 rotis and alok said that lets see who will eat the largest no. of rotis. Everyone except me and somani quit immediately, which was pretty obvious. At a later stage, somani also quit because he had a nice breakfast and was not in a situation to take the challenge. So, only me and alok left. Then started a counter which was increasing as if it got stuck in a while(true) loop. We were eating as if we never had food.

Kulbir – 10 Alok – 09

Kulbir – 12 Alok – 13

Kulbir – 16 Alok – 15

The queue for rotis was getting longer and longer and there was almost no probability that the competition will proceed. Then we gave a chance to alok that if he ask her (she was standing in the queue) for the rotis, then I will accept that I lost the challenge. But he refused as expected. So, the counter went on and on …

Kulbir – 18 Alok – 19

Kulbir – 21 Alok – 20

Kulbir – 23 Alok – 21

We went to Yuktaahar at 12:30pm and up to 2:00pm we were eating rotis. A lot of people came and left after having lunch. But we, alok, somani and me were there fighting for survival.

So, finally I won eating 23 rotis in mess. hell ?????? How did I manage to eat 23 rotis in the mess? Have I lost my mind ? Anyway I defeated alok. But surprise is that I, Kulbir Saini defeated alok even in eating competition. I know nobody is going to believe this, but it is the TRUTH.

Alok was not well at physical as well as mental level after showing his madness to invite me for the challenge. It was a fatal mistake by alok, but on my part eating 23 rotis was just a pure act of MADNESS !!!!

Don Kulbir



12 thoughts on “Madness !!!!!

  1. Man this is cool .. anywayz u have a new contender PK .. he ate 22 rotties till i left … i dunno how many he ate after that :O .. guys lets have one tommorow

  2. I think Alok could have won …..given he had asked her for rotis………but that’s like hoping against hope!!! anyways congrats……….and I’ll have to scratch my head hard enough to come up with something as a challenge to beat you!!!

  3. I think alok had a bad time …. He might have thought that he will win this one but ….. 🙁
    I think from now on he won’t have a bet with anyone

  4. the guy who can eat 23 chappatis in IIIT Mess, can do wonders in life… IIIT mess sucks.. and still u managed loads of them.. u really a are a champ !!

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