Quick updates

    1. Super busy with my VPS adventures. Updated VPS to 512MB RAM and 20GB HDD. Its super fast now at a cost of $50/month 😀 Learnt a heck of technology in past week.
    2. 76 downloads of my software videocache in last two days 😀
    3. Thinking thinking thinking and so on.
    4. Future still uncertain.
    5. Had a real tough time making the resume. Wasted others’ time as well while building it.
    6. Fooling Google is on my hobbies list now 😛
    7. Exams have started yet another time.
    8. Feeling discontent with whatever I know.
    9. Watched Dasvidaniya, Oye Lucky Luck Oye and Sorry Bhai. Watched sorry bhai thrice in three days. Something driving me nuts for the second time in life [snip..].
    10. Rest laterz.

      5 thoughts on “Quick updates

      1. You might want to remove the ‘cracked password of students’ thing. Might piss off an overtly ethical interviewers. Also, the general rule is that your resume should be a max. of 2 pages. I didn’t know this when I was in college and someone commented that my resume is too big to read (mine was ~3 pages)

      2. @Sultan thanks for the comments.. the online one is not the real resume … original resume is less than two pages with all the achievements and hobbies crap removed 😛

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