How to make a fool of yourself?

  1. Configure your firefox to cache 1GB of data.
  2. Run squid proxy server on your machine in aggressive caching mode by f**cking up with refresh patterns.
  3. Then actually use the above proxy server to browse.

Wasted two hours (5AM – 7AM) in debugging a clean and flawless php script on a remote server with pathetic response time because my firefox+squid messed things up and never requested the actually script from server :((

Still I love caching 😛


4 thoughts on “How to make a fool of yourself?

  1. what r u speaking abt man?

    plz try to write in english from next time on or restrict access to “geeks” only

    all i managed to get was that you fucked up something, messed up some other thing and are still in love with some other thing


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