Quick updates

    1. Super busy with my VPS adventures. Updated VPS to 512MB RAM and 20GB HDD. Its super fast now at a cost of $50/month 😀 Learnt a heck of technology in past week.
    2. 76 downloads of my software videocache in last two days 😀
    3. Thinking thinking thinking and so on.
    4. Future still uncertain.
    5. Had a real tough time making the resume. Wasted others’ time as well while building it.
    6. Fooling Google is on my hobbies list now 😛
    7. Exams have started yet another time.
    8. Feeling discontent with whatever I know.
    9. Watched Dasvidaniya, Oye Lucky Luck Oye and Sorry Bhai. Watched sorry bhai thrice in three days. Something driving me nuts for the second time in life [snip..].
    10. Rest laterz.

      Long Time No Post , Quick Update

      I have been too busy to write a post on this very blog 🙂 Here are quick update.

      • Released a few versions of youtube_cache in last couple of weeks. Youtube Cache now supports caching videos from 10 websites. A few ISPs are using it.
      • IntelligentMirror also received updates.
      • Placements are here. And I am still f**cking with this caching thing. Too addictive.
      • Inclination towards higher studies as more and more companies decline campus recruitment. How tough GRE can be?
      • Sudden fear of losing all the friends sucks big time 🙁
      • Proxy war with a professor. Just kidding 😀
      • No outing in last two weeks.
      • Mahaveer’s Compete India is doing really great 🙂

      Rest laterz.