The ultimate feel of freedom

I feel really bad when I have a look at blogroll and there are no new posts. What has happened to the so called blogger batch? Well, after a bit of inspection, I discovered that *they* (including me) have placements. But should you really give up what you like just because right now there is something else which is driving you nuts? These days, I see a lot of people (who were cool till a month ago) under serious stress. People like KBC, Ganja who are talented in every possible way from watching the stuff of the other type ( 😛 ) to studies. But its a matter of one or two sentence(s) to completely break them down. May god help them in interview.

What happened to the senior bloggers? Well, it seems few of them are angry at terrorists and want to refrain from blogging and few others think that writing four lines after forty days is blogging. And few others think that they are not kids anymore. The grown up MS guyz now refuse to blog. And few others are now aliens. Don’t expect to hear from them. Thats all! So no bloggers and hence no posts.

And I feel bad when I say that there are countable people in junior batches who actually blog 🙁 There used to be a fight for being in the top 10 in IIIT Blogroll. But now even if I don’t post for a week, my posts will still be in top 10 🙁 Come on people!! What happened to you all???

You might be wondering about the title of the post. The actual post starts here 😛 I feel this (pre-placement time) is the most awesome time of my stay at IIIT-H. I don’t know why but I am experiencing a feel good factor 😉 No tension, no pressure and then these economic crisis boosting the dollar 😛 Taking everything lighter than I can afford. Suddenly everything looks hollow. The studies, exams, placements everything. But still this is THE busiest time of my stay here. Spending all my time on videocache, intelligentmirror, blogging. More than 25 downloads per day of videocache are pushing me to work on it 🙂 And in this crucial time, all I care about is how fast my Fedora boots 😛

Good luck everyone for the placements. And have fun 🙂


8 thoughts on “The ultimate feel of freedom

  1. Thanks for mentioning me. I wonder how many people actually know me. 😀
    The fact is terrorist attack at least made me write few posts. Earlier I posted on a snail’s speed.
    And when I see my post for seven days in blogroll, it feels good. 😀
    But on the other hand, anxiety for new posts from IIIT builds up a lot. so I check blog-roll 50 times a day to see if there are new posts. See! how quickly I have commented your post. 😀

  2. And I think if you really want to know the meaning of freedom(or experience it) you should read a e-mail with the same subject sent by somebody not so long ago 😛

    Yippeeee another weird pic on the right side !!!

  3. @Sukesh Don’t think that nobody knows you. At least the bloggers know you well 🙂
    @SMR Thanks 🙂
    @Aniket, Karan I am thinking of posting regularly during placements.
    @Shark You are one jobless fellow who doesn’t blog 😛

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