Routine Work!

Every night around 3AM before sleeping I think “Current routine/work/lifestyle is taking me nowhere .. its just helping me buy some time before I die .. fuck !! I need to work harder ..” and then I go to bed .. sleep for at least 10-16 hours .. and there I am next morning (ah .. sorry .. afternoon .. around 2PM) .. Spend almost an hour and a half checking mails/twitter/facebook/orkut/my-websites/blogs/reader/money-earned/money-lost(fucking-exchange-rates)/alexa/and-what-the-fuck-not … shit .. its already 3:30PM .. no mess around can serve food at that ungodly hour .. canteen anyone?? and a few rooms throw 404/301/302 (people not found or moved temporarily or permanently and that means room locked .. go learn http status codes) .. and few others (which means the rest) had food already … fuck!! chances are less than 30% that I’ll have enough motivation to go to canteen and have food.. if I succeeded that means another hour wasted just for lunch .. our canteen is such a waste of India’s top talent’s time (well .. i have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from IIIT which is frequently ranked in top 10 colleges of India by some god-forsaken-magazines .. and by all means you can’t convince a middle class family in India that there exists something which is better than computer science as a career.. so me belongs to India’s top talent :P). anyways can’t miss going to coffee shop immediately after lunch at any cost unless there a threat to my life or coffee shop is closed! back from coffee shop .. now what? well here goes the checklist of a typical computer science student … mails/twitter/facebook/… OMG!! did you notice that its already 5:00PM … time for coffee shop!! ping everyone around to notice that none is interested and people replying back with ‘why the fuck you have to go to coffee shop so often???’… but you still manage to convince a few .. and yay!! coffee shop 😀 after that time passes really quickly till dinner … dinner will be at 4 Seasons/Canteen/Yuktahaar/Dominos with decreasing order of probability… irrespective the dinner place, coffee shop will be visited right after dinner .. and i am so used to this routine (tea after dinner) that while at home once i asked for tea and my mom gave me a ‘what the hell?’ expression 🙁 ..  there will be a backlog of updates … checklist .. 😛 .. another hour well wasted.. and then I plan a few things that I should do next … and its around 11PM … so we should visit coffee shop yet another time before it closes … typical procedure … but I somehow manage the last visit … after that a few hours of browsing and then I go the first character of this post …


Google cum Orkut Rocks !!!

I was just killing time on IRC and was browsing some random sites. I opened my orkut account to check if somebody has written a scrap or not. The layout was as usual but there was written Happy Diwali before my email address at the top. I took my mouse to it and I just realized that it was a link to some javascript. I just clicked on it thinking that it would help me kill time easily as it would waste another 2-3 minutes browsing some more crap on orkut. But … after clicking on that link, I was presented with a brand new layout with a diwali theme. The theme was just awesome. I captured it before the feature goes away. Here is a snapshot, if you are late to check that out. Really, google does everything out of the box !!!



Funny Orkut Bug

Everybody was so happy with the new orkut design that it was looking like Google is really on the way to knock out all other social networking sites. But this new design brought some crap with it. The homepage notifications which included daily updates on profile, photo, video updates from friends was really irritating. It turned out to be very annoying for a lot of people to see all that info on you orkut home-page.

Though orkut provided an option to hide updates from your friends. But it never worked out and even after updating the option many times, I couldn’t manage ( or I should say orkut couldn’t manage) to hide updates from my friends.

Today, I just got crazy and set the option to show updates and what I saw when I returned to that page was surprising. OMGWTF, there are not updates from my friends. And even if they are there they are not shown at all. This is really funny when you want to see something you are not allowed to and when you kick something outa your home-page, it is enforced on you 🙂

So, if you wanna hide updates from your friends, checkout show updates and have fun.

Here the pic proof …

Funny Orkut Bug - Kulbir Saini, general bordeaux

PS : Coming soon, a post on social entrepreneurship and mgmt class.