Yahooooooo !!!! Bandwidth Increased !!!

Long time, no post. Actually nothing significant happened in last one and a half month that might have been worth noticing. But something significant happened suddenly that I couldn’t stop myself from writing this post.

When I came to IIIT-H in year 2005, it has a 4Mbps backbone and a lot of users, may be around 600 or more. The browsing experience at that time was excellent. The average load time of any site was around 4-6 seconds. We used to get around 20-30kbps download speed from internet. Life was pretty easy and one need not to go to coffee shop until a site opens. But as the time passed, the no. of people @ IIIT-H started increasing and with no increment in the bandwidth. So, life became harder and harder. Then, suddenly some day the switch(i think the one of the two available, which used to route the traffic between hostels(wireless) and main building(wired)) was burnt due to some short-circuit or whatever. So, some traffic between the hostels and main building was banned(which includes DC++ traffic) because one switch can’t handle the huge traffic which IIIT-H produces in peak hours and if they allow all the traffic the other will also be burnt due to heating. So, we had a hard time. Due to increased no. of users, internet bandwidth share per user decreased and intranet traffic was also limited due to availability of just one switch.

There were time when you might have really thought of visiting coffee shop until the Indian site somewhat similar to e-bay) page shows up. This was the situation for almost a year. People were hopeless. There was no other alternative except increasing the bandwidth. And thats what happened. Today we received a mail from the help desk that the bandwidth has been increased to 8Mbps. Twice!!!!! Wow!!!!! The browsing is now much more fun than it was in 2005. Average load time of any site is 2-3 seconds and that too because my PC is slow 🙁 . I have 1GB RAM and my browser still hangs when I load a no. of pages at a time, due to the fact that it can handle a specific amount of data at a time and proxy is swamping the browser with data instantly on request. I think, I have to advance with time and should get additional RAM.

There are some other significant improvements also, which are going to come into effect pretty soon. One that the burnt switch will be replaced soon. I hope that the blocked protocols between hostels and main building will be unblocked soon after that.

The other is that hostel wireless is going to localized with the help of level three switches. So, that if I want to download data from one room to my room in the same hostel, then it need not travel all the way from the other room to the main building and then back from the main building to my room. So, we hope for a better bandwidth utilization.

PS : I wrote what I could understand from the terms used in the mail by Dr. Kamal. They may have been misunderstood.


10 thoughts on “Yahooooooo !!!! Bandwidth Increased !!!

  1. u hav 1gb ram rite? thats quite a lot as u dont play games. i used 2 use firefox with many tabs and office in behind when i had 1gb ram. works fantastic. Check out for other things which may b slowing down ur system.

  2. @Maruti I think they should block rapidshare and allow some (i mean 2-3 people per batch) people, so that the bandwidth utilization is good. Otherwise people here can even screw 16Mbps backbone 😉

    @ORB I figured out that RAM is not the issue … I have an average upload rate around 4-5Mbps round the clock and on peak hours its nearly 7-9Mbps. So, that hurts the hard disk performance and after all hard disk speed is the bottleneck everywhere these days !!!

  3. The speed in the hostels isn’t bad either!! It’s maybe coz’ they’ve blocked rapidshare + they’re monitoring downloads and blocking the IPs of people who are downloading a lot of stuff!!!

    Thanks to this tactic atleast the internet speed has increased…………. I don’t think this phrase will come up too often but…. “Long Live Server Room and the guys there!!!” :p

  4. [i]and after all hard disk speed is the bottleneck everywhere these days !![/i] —> Who says so! With IIIT-H always glorifying the wireless, it will be the bottleneck!! My 5400 rpm PATA harddisk is far far far faster than it!

  5. @Cannabis
    I said that hard disk speed is bottleneck because of heavy uploads from my machine. It slows down when upload speed crosses 7Mbps and it happens frequently in peak hours. I didn’t say that the hard disk speed is bottleneck instead of internet but keeping in mind the upload it becomes the bottleneck.
    Neway why did u comment with my blog name as ur homepage ??

  6. many things to discuss… But anyway I’m not going to discuss such a personal topic. Reading it is ok, but discussing it makes you look like a chatter –box and a rumor-spreader.

  7. The download allowed…is it unlimited? I mean are you allowed to download as much as you want?

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