The PR Disaster

Long time no see! Well I have been through worst phases of my four years at IIIT. Details later. I tweeted about convocation dress code yesterday. Nishant (hobbit) pinged me regarding the same. And the conversation after that turned out really funny.

Nishant: dude
when is convo?
(I misread the above as ‘what is convo?’. Was surprised why Nishant wouldn’t know about convo)
me: convocation i suppose …
Nishant: yes
me: does it hv another meaning ..
oh .. (I re-read his question and realized the mistake.)
Nishant: what’s the deal with graduation day dresses?
me: dhoti kurta =))
or payjam kurta 😀
Nishant: are you f***ing serious?
me: yeah F***ING serious 😛
wait a minute .. (forwarding the mail to nishant)
Nishant: my God it’s going to be a f***ing pr disaster
me: check ur gmail for serious fun 😀
how is that going to affect page rank ? (I thought he was talking about page rank of iiit website)
Nishant: damn you
pr = public relations
f***ing geek
me: gawd!!
sorry 😛

PS1 : A lot of events/things has to be documented on this blog. But no time 🙁

PS2 : Redesigned my Fedora Blog. Check out.

PS3 : Started using twitter. Follow me.


7 thoughts on “The PR Disaster

  1. Why didn’t you ask them what is the reason men should not wear a ‘lungi-kurta-gamcha’ and women should not wear ‘sari without blouse’. After all that will be a better way to respect Indian cultural integrity. Or wear just ‘half-dhoti with naked chest’ to respect our Father of Nation.

  2. @Gagan, @Sankal I would have thought that in my first year 😀
    @Jimmy thanks for the links 🙂
    @Sukesh Phool patte would be even better … the very first generation 😀

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