I am a SBH (State Bank of Hyderabad) customer since last four years and never faced a single problem apart from eventual no-cash in ATM type problems. But this time they really frustrated me. I applied for Internet banking a month ago. The guy at office gave me a kit saying that your account will be activated within three days and you can enjoy ibanking 🙂 I was really happy that time as these things are kinda turn on for me 😛 Tried after three days. Nothing worked. Tried after a week. Nothing worked. Called their customer care thrice with no help other than “You have to physically visit the bank”. Filled the online support form and they never replied positively or negatively 🙁 Well went to Hi Tech City office last Monday. And it was a really awesome surprise to find that the guy who handles ibanking was on leave. WOW!!!!!

After spending a lot of time convincing myself, I motivated myself to visit the bank again. I was happy to find the guy. Cool!!

Me: Sir, my ibanking account is not working.
Guy: What happened?
Me: Sir, I am not able to login even for the first time.
Guy: Whats the error?
Me: Incorrect username or password.
Guy: Why its not working?
(I was like WTF!!! Are you nuts?? If I knew it, why would I ask you …)
Me: How do I know??
Guy: Ok. Sit there for a while.

I waited for another fifteen minutes. I again went to him explaining the problem.

Guy: What can I do?
Me: What!! What can I do??
Guy: I can’t do anything.
Me: Are you sure?? Who will sort this out other than you? ( I was heating up)
Guy: I can’t do anything.
(Tried to calm myself down a bit)
Me: Sir, then you suggest me what should I do? (Very politely)
(He showed my account on his screen and showed that it was granted all access.)
Guy: I have given you all the access.
Me: I am NOT able to login. (I was really frustrated now)
Guy: I’ll reset your password and it’ll be mailed to your address.
Me: Ok Sir.
(Showing my address on computer screen in a form.)
Guy: Where do you live?
Me: IIIT Hyderabad.
Guy: Your permanent address?
Me: Somewhere in Haryana.
(By now I saw that address in the form was “IIIT Hyderabad, House No. 2201, Sec 17, HUDA, Jagadhari, Haryana”. I really wondered if I have IIIT inside my house :P)
Me: Sir this is wrong address. (I was like in mood to just blast.)
Guy: This is the address. The mail will be sent this address.
Me: This is invalid address. (Shouting).
Guy: Why are you getting angry?
Me: If you are going to mail this at the above address, where will it go?? IIIT or Haryana?? (literally shouting this time)
(I wish god gifts these people with some common sense.)

After lot of shouting and convincing, I got the “IIIT Hyderabad” removed from address. And that guy clicked the confirm button.

Such a bad service is not expected. Feels like we are still living in pre-historic times 🙁


5 thoughts on “SBH Sucks BIG TIME

  1. Dude, SBH was the erstwhile ‘Hyderabad State Bank’. All the nizamiya ch**tiyap at full display there.

    ICICI got a hot one as well. So does Citibank.

    Perhaps I’m despo

  2. LOL 😀 😛 😀 couldn’t stop laughing at ur address 😀 … btw my net banking was activated within a week or less 😛

  3. ROFL..Couldnt stop laughing…Well the stupidest part about SBI is we have to physically visit the bank for every small thing,and yet no use.

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