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Thanks to Amarok and last.fm for keeping track of what I listen to. Music is on whenever I am in room irrespective of the mode I am in (sleeping or awake). I prefer desi Punjabi music over everything available. But if I am asked to pick one song that I’ll have to listen to for the rest of my life, it will be RUMORS by Lindsay Lohan. If you don’t believe me, just ask my wing-mates.

Following songs are on my playlist these days

  1. Rumors – Lindsay Lohan
  2. Akhan Wich Sharab Goriye – Debi Makhsoospuri (Punjabi)
  3. Mitthe Ber Wargi – Amar Arshi (Punjabi)
  4. Ranjha – Sukhdev Sukh (Punjabi)
  5. Pehli Mulakaar – Amar Arshi (Punjabi)
  6. First – Lidsay Lohan
  7. Disconnected – Lindsay Lohan
  8. Sohni Kuri – Amrinder Gill (Punjabi)
  9. Shounk Hathiaran Da – Babbu Maan (Punjabi)
  10. Bair Bura Hunda Jatt Da – Labh Janjua (Punjabi)

Thanks Karan and Gagan 😀


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  1. What abt Fanna(Title track), Aisa jaadu(khakhee) and Laila(samay) which made Ankush and Ojasvi dance every time they hear them 😛

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