Are we doomed

The life of a computer science students revolves around emails, social networking, reading blogs, writing blogs, searching www, managing his/her domains and related things. Today, Google has provided all these facilities under one account namely GMail, Orkut, Google Reader, Blogspot, Google Search, Google Apps respectively.

Today, it was the second time that services provided by Google was not accessible inside IIIT campus. The reason may be system outage at Google or problem with our ISP. Other website were working fine.

I was working on something and thought of taking a break to check my mail. Openned Gmail. Err. Not working. Connection failed. Ok. No problem. Lemme check what others have written or shared in Google Reader. Err. Not working. Connection failed. Still not a problem. Lets go ahead and socialize a bit. Hit Err. Connection failed. My GOD. Relax. Lets read shiben new web comic. Err. Connection failed. A bit of frustration is occupying my mind.

After that I thought of writing this blog. For writing this, I needed to know the services provided by google. So, googled for the same. Err 😛 Connection failed 😀

I am wondering that its not we who governs our lives. Its google who is governing the entire universe now. We are too much dependent on Google 🙁 Are we doomed? Do we have any alternatives?


4 thoughts on “Are we doomed

  1. I thought only gmail was not working. good to know entire google was down.
    your post raises a very fundamental issue, of man’s dependence on technology. google going down may not have hurt that much. imagine internet going down or for that matter electricity going down. will our lives then come to a standstill or do we still have alternatives to move ahead??

  2. @Lukas like what ?
    @Harsh On the day on my data compression exams there were some problem in OBH and entire hostel network was down for hours. I was anxious and restless to an extent that I couldn’t concentrate on studying anything. Though I managed a C or something in that course, it was a painful experience for me.

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