A trip to Micro$oft Hyderabad campus

I hope you guyz know that Randeep Singh Banga ( my batchmate and a very good friend ) is interning at Micro$oft IDC, Hyderabad. Today, he offered all of us a visit to Micro$oft campus. I felt a bit hesitated at first, but then I thought its a good idea to go out and have fun with friends. We ( me, banga, mahaveer, deepak, kapil, sambhav) reached the campus at around 7:00PM. A lot of IIITians (visitors) were already there. I was wondering if its M$’s India Development Center or a picnic spot for IIITians 😛

Anyway after having bit of cool drinks, we started exploring the campus. The place is good. We enjoyed pool for sometime. It was the first time I played pool. In fact all of us played pool for the first time 🙂 We played really bad but its ok when everyone is equally bad 😛 Then we headed over to checkout banga’s cabin. Had more cool drinks and hot coffee. I managed to have a look at some server farms at that place. The glowing LEDs were just more than fascinating.

Then we moved on to the new building where we enjoyed foosball, table tennis. And finally the food. The food was good but limited 🙁 After having food, we had some more caffiene and cool drinks. And finally the pool for another one hour.

It was really an enjoyable trip. A lot of free cool drinks, caffiene and games. I realized that how much does it cost a company like M$ or Google to keep their employees with them.

PS1 : I am not infected. It was just a trip.

PS2 : Thanks Banga for being a wonderful guide 🙂


8 thoughts on “A trip to Micro$oft Hyderabad campus

  1. hehe :). MS campus is great and has lot of fecilities :).. I will ask banga to offer me a visit soon :). I hope he agrees

  2. if i had written this post…… i wud have mentioned ‘the race between urinal sensors and atul’ hehe…….. trip was really enjoyable and at times….. jaw-dropping….

  3. @Sambhav sorry yaar . i forgot ..
    @All don’t take ginger tea if you by any chance visit M$. Its not ginger tea, its something else that I don’t even know.

  4. haan yaar…one of the best trip i had in past couple of year…being in MS with the guys from Infosys (Kapil Bajaj) , Amazon (Sambhav Jain), Deepak Vig(un employeed) and Satyam(of course me, where else u expect me to go !!) was a great experience.
    Thnx to R.S. Banga

    @Kulbir: should hav written more on this, i expected more as this would be the only memory left of this which gonna remind me of the fun v had here after many years.
    @Kapil: thnx for visiting with us.
    @Bill Gates: Please sir, whatever we did there ,did just because we wanted to explore ourselves not Microsoft , please don’t put all that (in case u capture those acts by video cameras inside the campus) in the ‘Don’t list’ at the entrance in time to come.
    @Deepak: You gonna be the most innovative pool player world ever had.
    @Sambhav: ladki ne tuze bigad diya hai…try to be bit more informal when u go out with us,believe me u’ll enjoy lot more den what u did. 🙂
    @Kulbir: thnx for writing n publishing this trip experiences to all.

  5. thanx 2 d company of all of u d MS cab left me till bb-court for d 1st time 🙂 …had a very light and joyful time thr…it was more of Mahavir’s comments, Deepak’s pool-style, kapil’s passion, sam’s presence and of-course Kulbir’s consent 🙂 that made d evening memorable…..

    thanx Kulbir for writing a blog and storing d memories 4ever…..

  6. First of all thanx to banga for a gr8 trip. It is only because of Banga that I have become a star player 🙂 .

    @Mahaveer : You haven’t mentioned abt how to made a good image in M$ . Next time they won’t let us in just because of your awesome image.

    @Kulbir : We should have written a complaint abt the ginger tea and the cold coffee 😀

    I was all because of good companions that we had a lot of fun. Thanx to all for giving a good company. Hoping for such trips in the near future 🙂

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