My new ViewSonic VG1930WM 19″ WideScreen LCD monitor

Finally after stumbling for almost 2 months, I have got my brand new ViewSonic VG1930WM 19″ WideScreen LCD monitor. I gathered the money almost 2 – 3 months ago, but was not able to decide which monitor should be purchased. For last two months, I stumbled on Samsung SyncMaster 940NW which was a bit costlier for the features, AOC 199S which was also costlier, ViewSonic VG1930WM which provided the same features, but the price was a bit attractive. I browsed through enormous monitor reviews, huge price lists on the internet and what not. Then in the beginning of this month when I was about to go to buy the monitor, I was told that the Paradise market remains closed on Sundays. Then, we have hectic schedule throughout the week, so could not go. Then these hyderabad serial blasts went off, again a hurdle.

Finally, today ignoring everything else, we, me and ajay somani went to paradise computer market. I got my ViewSonic and ajay bought a Seagate Sata II 500GB external hard disk with Seagate casing. I bought the monitor for Rs. 10200/- and ajay bought the HDD for Rs. 8700/- .

The monitor is really wide and its looks are just awesome. I can’t express my happiness and monitor’s beauty in words. The monitor support a 1440×900 resolution and has a fantastic response time of 5ms. It also has the inbuilt speakers. The complete technical specs of the monitor is here.

Here are the pics …

ViewSonic VG1930 19 inch LCD Widescreen  - Kulbir Saini, general bordeaux

My Viewsonic/ViewSonic VG1930 19inch Widescreen LCD With Vista - Kulbir Saini, general bordeaux

Here is a video as well.

PS0 : I am very happy today … of course I have reasons 😀

PS1 : We will have a data center with ajay’s 500GB HDD 😉

PS2 : I am planning to get either a XFX nVidia GeForce 8600GT or I’ll go for mobo and processor upgrade so that I can use my old Samsung SyncMaster 793S 17″ CRT monitor with this LCD monitor in dual display mode. Now, that would be the coolest(?) thing 😀

PS3 : I am a bit showing off 😉


Kulbir Saini

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22 thoughts on “My new ViewSonic VG1930WM 19″ WideScreen LCD monitor

  1. Hey Buddy,

    Even I’m facing a similar dilemma between the Viewsonic 1912 VA and the SAMSUNG SyncMaster 920 WV. Hope u can provide me with more info abt the same. I’m also not sure whether I should opt for a 19″ or a 22″.

    When I recently went to the stores to chk out the different displays, I didnt the clarity as good as my LG Flatron 17″ CRT Montior. Why is the clarity of an LCD not as goodas CRT? Thats another thing I cant figure out.

    Till then, I would really appreciate it, if you can take time out, and get back to me about ViewSonic vs SAMSUNg and 19″ vs 22″.

    Looking fwd to your reply soon.

    Take Care.

  2. @CrimZin
    19″ Vs 22″
    If you wanna watch movies and enjoy games, then go for 22″ widescreen else 19″ should be fine for regular work.

    Samsung Vs ViewSonic
    I have been using my ViewSonic monitor since a long time now. It good and I dint have any problems till date. But if you have a closer look the features and performance offered by both ViewSonic and Samsung are almost the same. The only difference is the price. Samsung monitors has pretty good looks and they charge a bit extra for that. I think there is no difference whether you go for ViewSonic or Samsung. The only thing is the looks. If you want a good looking monitor, then go for Samsung by paying some extra $$$. If you want the monitor with same features but with average looks, then go for ViewSonic and same some $$$ which you can donate to wikipedia if you want 🙂

    Hope that helps.

  3. This guy in the picture hasn’t even removed the the plastic film from the monitor.


    Viewsonic is a good monitor. Im currently using 22″ VA2216w.
    It has excellent results. LCDs are not as sharp as CRTs, If you are planning to connect a game console or wanna watch and play games on your screen more often than work, than its better to stick to CRT. Otherwise its better to spend some money on LCD than giving money away for eye-tests, and for spectacles.

  4. i would lilke to know which among the 2 is better
    1>ViewSonic VG1930WM 19″ WideScreen LCD monitor
    2> Samsung 920NW 19″ WideScreen LCD monitor

  5. @Manish I have been using ViewSonic VG1930WM 19″ WideScreen LCD monitor since one and a half year without any problem till date. Its a very good monitor. Can’t say about Samsung one because I never used it.

  6. Hi Kulbir thanks for replying
    but kulbir i enquired with Vendors in pune ViewSonic VG1930WM is not available with them they instead gave the option for VG930 which on net i found having same configuration as Samsung 920NW.


  7. Oh is it so…
    i need WideScreen please suggest me from where i can get the monitor that you are using i stay in pune….. and at what price i can get it

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