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Thanks to Amarok and last.fm for keeping track of what I listen to. Music is on whenever I am in room irrespective of the mode I am in (sleeping or awake). I prefer desi Punjabi music over everything available. But if I am asked to pick one song that I’ll have to listen to for the rest of my life, it will be RUMORS by Lindsay Lohan. If you don’t believe me, just ask my wing-mates.

Following songs are on my playlist these days

  1. Rumors – Lindsay Lohan
  2. Akhan Wich Sharab Goriye – Debi Makhsoospuri (Punjabi)
  3. Mitthe Ber Wargi – Amar Arshi (Punjabi)
  4. Ranjha – Sukhdev Sukh (Punjabi)
  5. Pehli Mulakaar – Amar Arshi (Punjabi)
  6. First – Lidsay Lohan
  7. Disconnected – Lindsay Lohan
  8. Sohni Kuri – Amrinder Gill (Punjabi)
  9. Shounk Hathiaran Da – Babbu Maan (Punjabi)
  10. Bair Bura Hunda Jatt Da – Labh Janjua (Punjabi)

Thanks Karan and Gagan 😀


Random BC

I am trying to sleep since three hours now but I think I should give up now 😛 and do something creative like writing this post about random BC we had last night. One thing that everyone will agree is that we (IIITians) have excelled in doing BC after joining the institute. We sometimes do things as a part of BC which we can’t even think of doing if everybody is in normal mood. The following incident is an example of that.

I was writing this post when some one knocked my door hard enough to scare me. I immediately rushed to open the door. I openned it and saw Panakj in an excited state as if he is not virgin anymore 😛 He asked me to come to his room immediately. Me, poor soul uninformed about the actual happenings, rushed to his room and found that these guyz (Sambhav and Pankaj) were listening to ‘Achcha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyar Ka‘ by ‘Attaullah Khan‘ at full volume on speakers at 3AM. I was like wtf?? Then Sambhav explained that he just found this f***ing awesome classical(?) song on dc and thought that everyone would like it 😛

And then started the BC session. Sambhav fired up dc++ again and started a search for ‘Altaf Raja‘. OMG!! It was like a session for paying tributes to these legendary singers. The songs followed were ‘Tum To Thahre Pardesi‘ by ‘Altaf Raja‘, ‘Pahle To Kabhi Kabhi Gam Tha‘ by ‘Altaf Raja‘, ‘Doli Uthi Hai Uski Shahnaiyon Ke Saath‘ by ‘Attaullah Khan‘ etc… Sachin was also with us. And later Alok also joined us. We were singing the songs in chorus with the singer as if we have gone mad. And we were laughing as if we have gone crazy.

Though nobody would ever like to listen to any of those songs, when it comes to BC everything is legal and we really enjoyed the BC session.

PS1 : 4 months vacations is a boon.

PS2 : BTP report and presentation this week 🙂