Are we doomed

The life of a computer science students revolves around emails, social networking, reading blogs, writing blogs, searching www, managing his/her domains and related things. Today, Google has provided all these facilities under one account namely GMail, Orkut, Google Reader, Blogspot, Google Search, Google Apps respectively.

Today, it was the second time that services provided by Google was not accessible inside IIIT campus. The reason may be system outage at Google or problem with our ISP. Other website were working fine.

I was working on something and thought of taking a break to check my mail. Openned Gmail. Err. Not working. Connection failed. Ok. No problem. Lemme check what others have written or shared in Google Reader. Err. Not working. Connection failed. Still not a problem. Lets go ahead and socialize a bit. Hit Err. Connection failed. My GOD. Relax. Lets read shiben new web comic. Err. Connection failed. A bit of frustration is occupying my mind.

After that I thought of writing this blog. For writing this, I needed to know the services provided by google. So, googled for the same. Err πŸ˜› Connection failed πŸ˜€

I am wondering that its not we who governs our lives. Its google who is governing the entire universe now. We are too much dependent on Google πŸ™ Are we doomed? Do we have any alternatives?


Accepted for Google Summer of Code

Hi all!

This is my second post of the day but I can’t resit my to write it. I will just say that I am “Accepted For Google Summer of Code”. No its not something propritiery, its “Open Source”. Google Summer of Code is a program sponsored by Google where students write code for Open Source Organizations and Google funds them for the summer.To know more about GSOC, go here.

I submitted my proposal on IntelligentMirror which will be a package for Yum Local Repository Management to Fedora Project. You can browse the breif details of my project here, and for detailed proposal, go here. Seth Vidal, who originally developed Yum, will be mentoring me throughout the project. It will be a wonderful and exciting experience to work with Yum developers.


Kulbir Saini aKa General Bordeaux πŸ˜€


Gmail Bug

I was observing this since a week now, so thought of posting about it πŸ™‚

Software: Gmail Beta

Bug Description:

Mail which is deleted forever re-appears in the spam folder in Gmail.

How to reproduce:

VeryΒ  easy. Keep your Gmail spam folder open in a window. Wait for a spam to arrive or send a spam mail from your another email account to your Gmail account. Let Gmail show automatically that there is a mail in Spam folder. Don’t click on Spam in Index. Now click “Delete all spam messages now” and then click Ok when it says that the messages will be deleted forever. After you click Ok, the page will reload and the *SAME* mail will be there πŸ™‚


If you think I have gone mad and talking in air. Here is a *video* proof πŸ˜› Checkout the timestamp for the mail and the running clock in the top right corner.

Download above video in High Resolution