Exams Over and Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.2

Finally the exams are over for the 20th time ever since I joined IIIT. 20 times in just 3 years is a bit too much of evaluation and still there is not even single person in my batch who can really be evaluated based on his/her scores in these so called exams. More than 80% of janta spend 6-7hours per course per semester other than attending classes which anyway doesn’t count. And a BIG THANKS to the 20% of janta for studying damn seriously and teaching creatures like me 😛

Also, upgraded to wordpress 2.6.2 to be on the technology front-end. Previous version was giving some problems with image uploads and it was an irritating experience using elinks and stuff to upload image files.


Exams are here

The first mid sem exams has already started. I have only two mid sems this time. Looking at the blogroll one can easily guess IIITians have finally got something to do. The oldest post on front page is 3 days old. Preparing for exams is a good thing but final year students don’t have enough of them. So where are these guyz???

This time I am bit nervous about mid sems. Feeling like I never took a test and this will be the first time experience 🙁 BTW I have got a major break through in my quest for caching the internet. Will share it soon. It’ll improve the caching efficiency of my GSOC project IntelligentMirror by almost 300%. This caching thing is not permitting me to prepare for exams.

Hail open source!!!

PS : This was a total random post. Wrote is just like that 😐