Sometimes it happens that you get too much used to unusual things that even usual things looks madness to you. I always loved to work at night and found it much more productive as compared to working in day-time. But this crossed limits with the beginning of the 6th semester. I selected all the courses with the intention that none of them should have a class in the forenoon ( the earliest class I had was at 3:00PM 😛 ). The obvious outcome, I never slept at night and night out became as usual as a day for others. For months, I followed the same routine. I didn’t face any problems with the schedule except exam days etc. My biological clocks got synchronized to GMT+1000.

Everything was going fine until recently. I had these meetings with people in the administration who for some reasons are not used to work at night. And those meetings really destroyed my routines. Since a week or so I am feeling totally helpless. I sleep throughout the night and wake up around 8AM. And for the rest of the day, I just look at my computer screen searching for something to work on. I pick up some task and it leads nowhere due to lack of concentration.

As I am a self employed man and need not answer anyone, I have decided to chill out for a week or so. I’ll not work on anything related to hardcore computing and will NOT code even a single line. For time pass, I’ll watch movies and read Paul Graham’s essays. Those essays are a very good method to utilize your free time. Chill out!!!



People may be wondering or cursing me for injecting crap into the Internet at a very fast rate but I got some reasons for blogging this frequently. It so happened that I didn’t blog for some months last year. I had a lot of topics to blog about but I didn’t. The ideas accumulated over time and I started feeling very uncomfortable because I didn’t really write what I was feeling for few months. Then I wrote this post. After writing that post I felt very good and comfortable with life. What I deduced from that incidence and what people say is writing down your thought or sharing them with others makes you feel better 🙂

So, I thought I’ll exercise this and recently started posting frequently and believe me I really feel good when I write a post whether it be crap or some useful information. I have decided to write very frequently but write short posts. So thats it for today 🙂

PS1 : My submission appeared on slashdot yesterday.

PS2 : Its fun hanging out with developers in #yum on freenode. Have been testing and sending small patches since a week now 🙂

PS3 : Cultural night was *REAL* fun 🙂 thanks to all the people who were a part of it 🙂

PS4 : Hooked to Boy Meets World 🙂 Nice show 😛

PS5 : Wasting less time on checking mails. This habit is seriously driving me nuts.


Morning Walk

Its 7 am again 🙂 and I am back with something new. But this time its different. This time its not the case that I want to sleep but I am not able to. I have come up with a solution to the problem. Because only 2 working days (today and tomorrow) are left for this semester, I need not sleep early (6AM) anymore and wake up early (1PM) for classes. Now I can sleep late and wake up whenever I want.

Since I have been skipping breakfasts and lunches since long, I’ll have breakfast daily from now on. I’ll go to bed at around 8:30am after having breakfast and will wake up at around 3:00pm and then I’ll run for coffee shop 😛 This routine will be followed strictly starting today with no exceptions except the exams 🙂

But there is one interesting addition to the daily schedule now. And that is Morning Walk. Since I will be up around 7am, I’ll regularly go for a morning walk. I was reading some documentation stuff and suddenly got attracted by the weather outside. I immediately locked my room and left for the walk. The wind was cool and soothing outside. I realized that the hostel is horribly hot 🙁 You can’t really have such a peaceful environment in day time. I walked down to the main gate. Now I think I have a badly screwed up vocabulary and I am not able to come up with words (how can I, I don’t even know the words) to express my feeling about that awesome morning walk. Ok.. enough .. you imagine the rest like birds were chirping and sky was clear and blah blah blah… But it was a nice experience 🙂

PS1 : Writing too much these days.

PS2 : End sems are approaching fast 🙁


Funny Orkut Bug

Everybody was so happy with the new orkut design that it was looking like Google is really on the way to knock out all other social networking sites. But this new design brought some crap with it. The homepage notifications which included daily updates on profile, photo, video updates from friends was really irritating. It turned out to be very annoying for a lot of people to see all that info on you orkut home-page.

Though orkut provided an option to hide updates from your friends. But it never worked out and even after updating the option many times, I couldn’t manage ( or I should say orkut couldn’t manage) to hide updates from my friends.

Today, I just got crazy and set the option to show updates and what I saw when I returned to that page was surprising. OMGWTF, there are not updates from my friends. And even if they are there they are not shown at all. This is really funny when you want to see something you are not allowed to and when you kick something outa your home-page, it is enforced on you 🙂

So, if you wanna hide updates from your friends, checkout show updates and have fun.

Here the pic proof …

Funny Orkut Bug - Kulbir Saini, general bordeaux

PS : Coming soon, a post on social entrepreneurship and mgmt class.


Golden opportunity for lovers ! Dont miss it …

Hey guyz there is something very attractive for those who are in love. Nowadays our students server is flooded with these loving spam mails. Some are from faculty ids with subjects which I dont want to mention. 🙁 I dont know why, but this guy srinivas is very famous, there are almost 20 mails from his id with subjects like “see you tonight!”, “fwd:love” ,”will you be my valentine ?” but beleive me reading these mails is fun in itself. They contain awesome heart touching love poems. I am making an archinve of those spam mails on my gmail account as a remeberence of our greatest sysadmin we can ever have.

Spam At IIIT Hyderabad - Kulbir Saini, general bordeaux

OK, in the mean time if you want to propose someone, its a golden oppertunity for you. Just send a mail proposing him/her from your students account. You can either announce your love, by sending it to the whole mailing list on which he/she is subscribed. Others will consider it a spam, and you will end up proposing him/her.

PS: If you have any other idea let us know…