Best April Fools’ Day Ever

08:50AM April 1st, 2009

Alarm!!! Ring Ring!!! I had a class at 8:30AM. But thinking that I’ll sleep for few more hours, opted to miss the class.

10:26AM April 1st, 2009

I was in deep sleep (went to bed at 5AM) when my mobile started ringing. I hate it when somebody calls me when I am sleeping. To my surprise it was a call from a faculty member. I took the call and received a congratulatory message. When I asked about the reason, he replied, “You sold videocache for $20000.” I got a thousand volt shock. Immediately all those bollywood flicks (Khosla Ka Ghosla etc.) came to my mind in which X sold property of Y to Z without Y even knowing about it.Β  I totally lost my mind and couldn’t think of anything. He said a few lines after that and I just couldn’t hear him. I diverted the topic, said two-three sentences and hung up.

Woke up, had some water and switched on my monitor. Saw a message from Ankush Kalkote on Kopete saying, “Congrats yaar. ab to party deni hi padegi.”. In another tab Rishab Mukherjee saying congrats. I started believing it. I tried asking about the source of information but they wanted the god damn party desperately and didn’t really care what I was typing. I immediately openned to check if somebody had hacked that. It was fine and there were no signs of any intrusions. In the meantime, Rishabh asked me to have a look at Rishi’s status message. It read, “Dollar Chacha (they call me so) has become a MILLIONAIRE. Sold videocache for $20000.” I kept browsing through the list and saw a lot of people changing their status message to the same. A few moments later I realized that its April 1 and everyone is trying to fool everyone else. Frustrated by the whole event, banged my head on the wall and went to sleep.

12:25PM April 1st, 2009

Mahaveer knocked my door asking for lunch. He didn’t know the truth. And fired all W questions (what, why, when, to whom) as soon as I openned the door. I switched on monitor and saw huge queue in Kopete. Everyone going crazy about videocache. People wondering about how can you sell a free software. WTF!!!! I immediately observed a huge potential in this venture. And put up my status as “@all it $21k and not $20k.” In the next five minutes almost 15-20 more people flooded me with queries about the sale.

Few sent congratulatoryΒ  mails and few even came up to my room to congratulate. Sudden change in opinion of few people (who didn’t know the truth) around. e.g. “Studies are a total waste of time”, “I should have developed some god damn thing”, “Four years well wasted :(“, “Getting into a job is foolishness” etc…

Taking advantage of the situation, somebody sent a SMTP mail to UG4 which read,


As most of you know, Google has bought VideoCache built by me in 20K $. I am really enthralled on this feat. Since, I wish to share my happiness with all of you, I have decided to give you a fantabulous party tonight in the ground just behind the Motorola. Alok n me are busy making arrangements for that. If someone wishes to help us in making the party more than a memorable one, just mail @
If you wish to visit the VideoCache website, click

As you must have figured it out by now, I didn’t plan any of this. It was planned by few people as a side-effect of attending Indic class. If anyone was hurt, he/she should go and kick Sachin Goyal, Kapil Bajaj, Rishi Gupta, Ankush Kalkote, Ajay Somani.

All in all it was big fun and best april fools’ day I ever had.


14 thoughts on “Best April Fools’ Day Ever

  1. yeah it was really fun….vrybody got insane……wht da hell we have been doing all these days…..:) ….mast katta

  2. I didn’t thought that it would be this gr8 ……….. but after getting reactions from raman,dandu,sambhav etc. I felt yaar its Mission Super successful for us πŸ™‚

    It was really fun πŸ˜›

  3. “Dollar Chacha” ROFL!! what a name!!!

    This is definitely the best April Fools Prank in IIIT. BTW kis faculty member ne tujhe phone kar diya ??

  4. Chache kamine…. u din’t reply to any of my messages, teri wajah se mera bhi kata….anyways… was a mysterious day, indeed!!! I also made Chirag fool btw.. will tell u the story…..

  5. @Pankaj it was surely fun ..
    @Samwise, Shikha some student sent him a mail …
    @maglu true πŸ˜€
    @hellboy yeah πŸ˜›
    @Sachin hat off !!!
    @Shark yeah .. i think this was one of the best pranks i have heard …
    @Karan πŸ˜›
    @Nithin, Kunal πŸ™‚
    @Raman beta tera sabse jyada kata πŸ˜› but it was fun … chirag ka bhi bahut der tak kata .. taj mein party maang raha tha πŸ˜›
    @Sanrag achievement of the day πŸ™‚

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