Well, the task was to get a railway ticket preponed. Somehow me and Bansi got pushed for the job. After spending half an hour searching for a bike/scooty/activa, we finally got Harsh’s kinetic. As Bansi doesn’t know how to drive, he handed over the key to me (yes, i know how to drive 😛 ). Me and Bansi standing near the kinetic in front of OBH and me thinking “How on earth we start a kinetic ???” I tried pressing some random buttons on the dashboard(i hope thats what it is called), but it didn’t help.

I know how to drive, but I never drove a kinetic or a two wheeler like that. Totally clueless about the procedure to start it, a scene from Matrix(when the guy or the girl learns to fly the helicopter) hit me. I wish we had some technology like that to learn things. Anyways, I followed almost similar steps. Called up Baba and asked him to teach me the lesson on starting a god damn kinetic 😐 Finally, with Baba’s efforts, I was able to start the machine.


7 thoughts on “NERDVANA

  1. That matrix guy could have opened a driving school (Driving seekhein 5 sec mein ) Guaranteed A in driving test. 😛

    P.S. Update ur wordpress please so that we can get follow up comments in email 🙁

  2. dude seriously … starting a kinetic?!! how can that be complicated!!
    even if u had used only motorbikes before ….
    well what did ur driving experience consist of bicycles? 😛

  3. @sainani and kulbir : I am 21 … I started driving bikes when i was 11 😀 … I learned most of the things quite early on in life.. but that was only till school 😀 hehe

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