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This post’s aim is to boast a bit about my plugin videocache and generating some more backlinks for the website 😛 Recently videocache was discussed on a lot of Thai tech forums. They helped me a get a lot of traffic and exposure for the plugin.

Tutorials in English and Other languages

  1. Youtube Cache with Squid + Lighttpd on Ubuntu
  2. caching youtube squid 2.6.STABLE14 di easyhotspot (xubuntu 7.10)
  3. Caching Youtube dengan Squid di Debian
  4. Youtube Caching using Squid
  5. VideoCache: Plugin para Squid que cachea videos
  6. Squid, SquidGuard, YouTube Cache i AdZapper
  7. 【原创】终于搞定linux下的squid做youtube的cache
  8. Mambang News : Squid youtube caching

Other Backlinks from forums

  1. squid youtube cache
  2. ITP: videocache — cache audio and video files from websites
  3. Python on PFsense
  4. Setting cara menggabungkan 2 line speedy gimana ya..??
  5. only youtube taken from squid 2
  6. Squid zph and Mikrotik
  7. VC5 with webproxy – Caching youtube?
  8. Squid Wiki Pages

And a lot of other backlinks from other Thai forums but they need you to login to view forum posts, so not posting them.

PS : Everybody is in their true colors these days 🙂

PPS : Work is going on for a third squid plugin 🙂


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  1. HELP MEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!

    2009-07-27 13:00:03,040 5467 427a9be32d78649c SCHEDULED YOUTUBE Video scheduled for download.
    2009-07-27 13:00:03,192 5467 – – SCHEDULED_ERR – Could not schedule video for download.

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