The mobile blah

I came back to OBH after having dinner at Yuktahaar. Entered my room, started Punjabi music at full volume. Suddenly phone started vibrating. Unknown number. I received the call and to my surprise some lady speaks up ..

Lady : Am I talking to Kulbir Saini?
Me : Yes. You are.
** Totally surprised.
Lady : Is it a good time to talk to you?
Me : Yeah. Just go ahead.
** Koi kaam to hai nahin hamein .. ( we are jobless people.)
Lady : I am from <some> company in Delhi. We have contacts with a fortune 500 multinational and they are looking for people in analytics research.
** If this is research, why the heck are you calling me 🙂
Me : Wait … wait… Where did you get my number?
** I was like wtf … I banned Vodafone and now these companies…
Lady : It was a search effort. I was doing it since last week or so.
Me : Are you sure?
Lady : Yeah. I swear it was a search effort. Nobody referred your name or number.
Me : Yeah. Go ahead.
** Oh… I am popular 😛
Lady : Can we proceed further with your academic qualifications?
Me : Sure.
Lady : So, what are your qualifications?
** I opened this. My resume in text format 😛
Me : I am doing my B.Tech.
Lady : Are you sure?
** Lady was like WTF!!! Totally embarrassed.
Me : Yeah. Because its me who is doing it.
Lady : I thought you are doing PHD.
Me : What?? Thats why I asked you “Who gave you my number?”.
** PHD??? Isn’t it a too much of popularity 😛
Lady : Anyway best of luck with your further studies/academics/life.
Me : Thanks a lot. Use Google next time.
Lady : Thanks for the tip.

Anyway it was fun …


19 thoughts on “The mobile blah

  1. this happens everywhere. tell them u r still doing B.Tech and it’s a complete u-turn of ideas.

    Kulbir’s tip of the day – Use google. It’s free (unlike microsoft) 😛

  2. @Maruti was it that necessary to reveal that it is copied 😛
    @ORB yup … it was real fun … total surprise ..
    @Deepak blah 😀
    @hah were you the girl ? 😛
    @Shrikant thanks for the faith and confidence 😉
    @Manish, bhargava, karan thanks 😀
    @Sashidhar never faced such a situation before … and yeah google search is free and the only thing from google which is not beta .. 😛
    @ZenWalker 😀
    @Pankaj why in god’s name will you reveal that to public 😐

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