Resolutions for October

  1. Will avoid going out of campus as the traffic is really frustrating and it can spoil all the fun.
  2. Will not overwork myself just for the sake of moral responsibilities.
  3. Will try to stay away from computers at least for one day in a week.
  4. Will avoid commitments which may be hazardous. Will think before I say yes.
  5. Will buy a digicam and start clicking nature to add some liveliness to life. Currently my life is all about few tabs in Gnome terminal and Firefox.
  6. Will try my level best to renovate IIIT LUG as its almost (?. completely) DEAD.
  7. Will try to do assignments as I have missed almost all the assignments till now in this sem.
  8. Will start thinking about aptitude tests for placement.
  9. Will try to implement caching for Google videos.
  10. Will try to work on the above resolutions.

5 thoughts on “Resolutions for October

  1. I don’t agree with the first one. Confining yourself to campus boundaries will make your life monotonous…. Shud go out atleast once a week.. 🙂

  2. +1 to shrikant. u should confine the #resolutions based on 1+ {how you fared fared the last time}. for example, based on my track record i never make more than 1 resolution 😀

    although its certainly great if u can adhere to all of em !

  3. @Shrikant not really .. i m thinking of working on at least 60%
    @Zenwalker i went out yesterday … traffic was a mess near towlichowki .. probably i’ll use mmts …
    @Bharat all of them are not really resolutions … like 6,7,8 are on my wish list 🙂

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