Hunt for a digicam begins

Every time I come across something amazing like a poster or creature or scenic beauty, I feel a strong urge to capture the moment but I don’t have a god damn camera 🙁 Since the beginning of this summer vacations I wanted to buy a digicam but wasn’t motivated enough to grab one. But a few guyz and gals have finally motivated me enough to begin my hunt for the digital camera.

I have set the budget at 10K (strictly) and I want a nice digicam + 2GB memory card. My primary requirements are a nice optical zoom of at least 4x with a good digital zoom and Li-ion battery (no AA batteries please). FYI, I am not a pro photographer and if I tell precisely I have not crossed even the newbie level. I have hardly used any digicam ever(only mobiles till date), so I don’t really have any idea about optical zoom and focal lengths but those seems to be the standards when selecting a camera that fit your requirements. I need this camera basically for clicking anything (outdoor/indoor/wherever) and at any time (day/night).

Keeping the above requirements in mind, I spent the entire day on ebay and google. And I finally found that Sony Cybershot DSC W110 fits my needs. Also the price is really low for the features of the camera. Plus there are nice reviews about this model everywhere. I also found Olympus FE 290 good in terms of specifications but this review about the product scared me.

I have almost decided to buy the one from Sony unless I find some other model which offers more for the same or lesser price. If you have any suggestions regarding the camera I should go for, please leave as a comment. It will help me a lot 🙂


13 thoughts on “Hunt for a digicam begins

  1. Double the higher limit of your budget and trying going for a Sony H50. Awwwsome digicam and too simple to use. even i was a n00b before gettin my hands on that device 🙂

    it has got a faadu 15X optical zoom, that’ll let you photograph the places you won’t even attempt trying with a weeny 4x zoomer .

  2. some suggestions

    1. if you arent worried about features and want quality pictures, restrict yourself to Canon or Nikon.
    2. digital zoom is practically waste, just adds the noise.
    3. most important thing for dig. cams is the sensor size. bigger the better.

  3. @Gagan it doesn’t run shell scripts :(( but thanks for the insight. it’ll be a plus point to have in your camera ..
    @Anirudh thats not possible dude 🙁
    @Shrikant tu marega mere hathon …
    @Karan sale ne paise kharch karwane the mere
    @Prateek dude read the post once again
    @Samwise thanks a ton for the links but my budget won’t allow that model. BTW what is the battery life with AA batteries for your camera?
    @Himank will consider
    @Sanyam i m a total newbie … thanks for the pointers 🙂
    @all thanks a ton for your suggestions. they are gonna help me a lot 😀

  4. u can go for sony cybershots without thinking twice… w110 is good… but for a grand more… u ll get w120 which has steady shot…

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