Feeling better

I wrote about my hard disk noise problem a few weeks back. I have been in a severe depression since then, praying all the time for my hard disk. Yesterday, I was listening to the same noise and I switched off my speakers. There was no noise after I disconnected the speakers. I was kinda surprised by the behavior. I connected speakers again and the noise was back. Eventually I realized that the hard disk was not making any sounds at all. The speakers were the culprits.

This is really a strange problem. Whenever there is a heavy load on the hard disk, speakers start making a noise. Anybody facing the same problem??


4 thoughts on “Feeling better

  1. lol, pati’s CPU used 2 make a chuck kinda noise everytime he would scroll in Gtalk, lol.

    Actually speakers are very sensitive to magnetic signals, rmr how a speakers becomes crazy when ur cell phone has something to say or listen?
    I mean dont get me wrong, its surprising 2 me 2, but i guess its nothinh 2 wry about

  2. go to volume settings,
    look for CD volume. mute it

    if it works, say “Hail Vishurao”. if doesnt well, remote debugging is tough 😀


    @ORB i m not worried anymore
    @bah bah!!!
    @vishurao well i couldn’t find cd volume in volume settings. But the problem goes away by muting the front mike. “Hail Vishurao” because you pointed me to almost the right thing 😀

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