I need an Air Conditioner

Well, this is not really a want. This is my need. My room is damn hot these days. Why??? See the pics below.

Three Towers

Click the pics to have a clear look. I have these three machines which are continuously injecting heat in my 12×10 feet room. I can’t keep windows open to stop theft.

Dual Monitor

I am not sure if I’ll have a data center in my room by the time I’ll complete my b.tech. 😀

PS : If you have an old PC and looking for selling it, do contact me.


6 thoughts on “I need an Air Conditioner

  1. 200 is down :O

    anyway, get rid of the ups – that makes a lot of heat

    and on the bright side this will be good in the *winter* 🙂

  2. Ur Three desktops is no comparision to my Toshiba Powerhouse … I use it as a heater in my room.

    If You want more heat in ur room , go get urself any model of a toshiba laptop from ur nearest dealer .

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