A visit to Dr. Reddy’s Labs

Yesterday, a team for five (four people from administration and me) visited Dr. Reddy’s Labs in Hyderabad for a live demo of two security products Linkproof and DefensePro from Radware. DefensePro is a firewall kind of thing (for lay man) which protects your critical servers and Intranet from internal as well as external attacks. Linkproof is a load balancer for outbound as well as inbound traffic in case of multiple (<= 3) ISPs. Linkproof also manages traffic in case one of the ISP fails.

We reached their office at around 2:40PM. The office looked just like another office of some IT company. Fully loaded with sensors. You need not push/pull the door when you enter the office. And everything that an enterprise office should have.

A few minutes later, one of the person from Radware accompanied us to their technical wing called “Information Systems”. Their we had a demo of both the products on consoles. Demo went on for almost half an hour. After the demo we asked if we can see the actual hardware they have deployed. Then the admin in DRL (Dr. Reddy’s Labs) accompanied us to their DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone, its a common term in security industry. Denotes a place where all your critical servers are placed. A highly secured zone basically). I was amazed by the hardware that I saw. I just can’t express my feelings. Though we were not allowed to enter the rooms but everything was visible through the glasses. Rack mountable servers everywhere. Racks, racks, racks and more racks. Awesome experience. I wanted to stay there forever and keep looking at the beasts but …

We headed back to IIIT after that. And yesterday night, in my dreams I saw I own a server farm which had uncountable racks of servers. Racks everywhere 🙂

PS : The above two products will be deployed soon in IIIT for testing purpose 😀


5 thoughts on “A visit to Dr. Reddy’s Labs

  1. serve farm in dream :O goodness gracious….. now you’ve started having such dreams……… you better consult a neurologist before it’s too late 😀

  2. wats going on wid u man??? turning out to b crazy… theese days.. 😛 .. r u not gonna leave da network stuff even in dreams?? lol.. 😀

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