vacations and few learnings

Just a quick wrap up of happenings in last month before I leave for home.

1. Do what you want and never care what others have to say about it. example ->

2. Don’t ever think that you are perfect in your field. Nobody is perfect.

3. No machine (computer) in this world is secure. Only the switched off machines are 100% secure.

4. Talk less, do more.

5. Don’t underestimate anyone. You can learn from everyone if you are willing to.

6. Be a rebellion.

7. Go home when you get the f**kin vacations.

8. Try not to get flamed and refrain from flaming others as well.

9. Don’t reply to PMs for assistant when you are not the concerned person.

10. Switch on the vacation responder when you go for holidays 🙂

I think thats enough. Leaving for home. Will be away from computers/internet for almost 20days. See you if I manage to survive 🙂


One thought on “vacations and few learnings

  1. ROFLOL..

    Nice post..

    I totally agree with all the points mentioned especially the points 1, 4 & 5..


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