Will SKP and ORB get their MS?

It seems to me that right now entire IIIT is worried about just two guyz. And the two guyz are SKP and ORB. Why??? Because they are going to get their MS soon. :O Yes!!!! This is an event which will never happen again ever in history of mankind. And I am one of those guyz who are are waiting for the heavenly event to happen. But I am not the only one who is waiting for this. From bloggers, it includes Pati himself, Rama, Shark etc.. and thousands of non-bloggers. In reaction to shark’s blog, after struggling for hours I made these 😛 Click on the image and read clearly in higher resolution.



No offense to anyone … this is just for fun 🙂

PS : @SKP, ORB don’t kill me sir jee….


18 thoughts on “Will SKP and ORB get their MS?

  1. He he.. this is becoming a huge event.. 😛
    Btw nice one Kulbir!!!
    And ya guys (SKP & ORB) .. don’t leave Kya karoge abhi se MS karke.. Ek saal aur ruk jao.. humare saath mein nikalna aap log!! 😛

  2. @ZenWalker just corrected that..
    @Himank to make it even bigger I demand a post from you … and tag everyone else for the same …
    @Anon I think Nirnimesh is THE one to get MS from CVIT in 5 years.
    @Maruti me too 😛

  3. @ saini: I know the follwoing people have left in 5 years

    Vardhaman Jain
    D.Santosh Kumar
    Shashi(not sure)

    So it can be done! Surely impossible is nothing 😛

  4. Hahaha! I like my character so much! He is so random and psycho… not saying I am too 😛 , but that character is awesome!!! rofl rofl… nice web comic 😀

  5. One of my fav lines from SouthPark though it has nothing to do here but still ::

    “You go through life being told there is justice, then you learn that the only real justice is the justice you take. Make no mistake Kyle, before this is over you will suck my balls.”

    Btw !! Its not about what is possible and what is not, its about what you want out of it !!

    A detailed post will be shot as soon as my guide stops shoving work down my throat !!

  6. awesome illustrations, and post 🙂

    and I had forgotten we used to call Paresh C++ Jain 🙂 thanks for reminding..

    @skp, orb – kab nikal rahe ho? 😛

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