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I bought a desktop last week on Tuesday the 16th May, 2006. Though we are supposed to buy the laptops, i preffered the desktop as it can be a good partner for developing things and of course its cheeaper than a low end laptop. I bought AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 939 pin, the Gigabyte nVidia nForce2 motherboard, Samsung SyncMaster 739S 17″ , Seagate 200GB SATA-II with other necessary accessories. Well, it cost me only 30700/- and that is quite cheap. One bad thing that i didnt buy any graphics card b’cos in case we are forced to buy the laptops, i’ll have to buy a laptop within 25000/- so that total cost can come under 55000/-. Even that is quite lower than the cost of a high end laptop. As i didnt take any project i m just watching movies and playing games and i shud admit that AMD rocks for gaming. Its enough alone to check the graphics details of the popular games like UT, NFS Most Wanted , Doom 3, Prince of Persia etc … But i m sad that still i m not able to configure my wlan card in linux. its WNC-0301 level one lan card. If you have any suggestions please let me know, i m just killing my time using windows and this norton really sucks. it reports windows registry file as trogen, i dunno why ?????????


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  1. Since when did A64 chips start working on an NF2 :P. NF2 is for Athlon XP chips. A64 requires NF3 for AGP and NF4/Radeon Xpress for PCI-E.

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