Upgraded to WP 2.7 + Yahoo Chat + SMS

Finally gathered some energy to fight my laziness and upgraded to wordpress 2.7. This one looks neat, has tons of new features. I hope this wont crash and my hard work wont go to Trash.

On the other hand when I logged into my yahoo account today (though I don’t use my yahoo email anymore, I just login to yahoo once a day just for the heck of it), I was surprised by new notification from yahoo asking me to use their new chat and SMS feature. I thought this would be yet another f*** up from yahoo just like the previous messenger in flash version. But I thought I’ll try it for some time pass 😀 And it turned out to be awesome 🙂 Somehow the widget looks like an IPhone. And nobody really beats Yahoo when it comes to web designing (remember YUI ??). Well, it seems yahoo is finally serious after pretty much f***ing up their business.

Here is shot of the chat thing. And yeah, the chat window has tabs (a feature liked by almost everyone :D)

Yahoo Chat

Yahoo Chat

And to my surprise, the SMS thing also works out of the box. But Yahoo is not obeying the TRAI’s DO NOT DISTURB policy as I was able to send message to my number successfully. A shot for SMS interface below.

Yahoo SMS

Yahoo SMS

Also, a new on tech crunch reported an increase in yahoo’s share in US core search by 0.5% and drop in Google’s share by 0.5% during Jan, 2009 😛

Good luck Maruti 😛


Exams Over and Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.2

Finally the exams are over for the 20th time ever since I joined IIIT. 20 times in just 3 years is a bit too much of evaluation and still there is not even single person in my batch who can really be evaluated based on his/her scores in these so called exams. More than 80% of janta spend 6-7hours per course per semester other than attending classes which anyway doesn’t count. And a BIG THANKS to the 20% of janta for studying damn seriously and teaching creatures like me 😛

Also, upgraded to wordpress 2.6.2 to be on the technology front-end. Previous version was giving some problems with image uploads and it was an irritating experience using elinks and stuff to upload image files.