Why I can’t remember people?

I don’t really understand whats wrong with my ability to remember people. I am not able to recollect names when I see people and end up in really embarrassing situations.

Situation 1

Last month when I was in my village. I went to a shop. I lived in that village for almost 4 years. Had a few friends there. I saw a person approximately of my age, approaching towards me. I suspected him as one of my friends. The face looked familiar but I couldn’t recollect his name. Even after trying my best, I couldn’t.

Friend : Aur kulbir bhai kya haal hain?

Me : badhiya hai .. tum sunao.

By that time he guessed that I was not able to recollect his name.

Friend : Tum to bhool hi gaye yaar?

Me : Nahin yaar aisi kya baat hai. Bas thoda chehra dhyan nahin aa raha …

I was like WTF. Chehra dhyan nahin aa raha … naam pata nahin … wtf is left to forget about this person.

This happens quite frequently even in IIIT. I remember all the names, all the faces. But I forget the god damn mapping 🙁

Situation 2

Once a guy from UG3, XYZ was in my room regarding some Linux problem. I happened to minimize all the windows and saw a friend request from Tushar Nandwal on gtalk. I knew that Tushar Nandwal was from UG3. I just asked (for the very sake of asking) XYZ, “Tushar Nandwal tumhare batch mein hi hai na”. And he said “Sir, main hi tushar nandwal hoon.”. I was like WTF. This was one of the (because I keep facing them frequently) most embarrassing situations. Why the hell I even asked that question ?? :((

I knew XYZ by face. I knew that there is a guy Tushar Nandwal. But I never knew XYZ and Tushar Nandwal are same 🙁 May god help me 😐

PS : 3rd post on the occasion of blogging day 😀