My blog is famous now

Its a stark truth that everyone in this blogosphere lives just for the hits, comments and money if applicable he/she receives. And if you are blogger and you are not able to fetch any of these, then I would say you are not doing your work properly. I have seen people doing all kinds of tricks from poking their friends to visit their blog to registering their blogs on random publishing sites to get some traffic. People die to get traffic and I am not an exception. As recently my linux blog has been receiving a lot of traffic which may be because of the following reasons

  1. From Google (people looking for howtos).
  2. From planet fedora as my blog is listed there.
  3. Because of the improvements in page rank.
  4. Because of my recent plugin development for squid, i.e. youtube_cache and intelligentmirror.
  5. Because people are dying to use linux 😛
  6. Because of the aging factor.

Anyway I thought I’ll publish some results.

I have been receiving 800 Pageviews daily on an average. Alexa says my blog’s rank in 3 lakh.

1. Google Analytics stats for the last week

Google Analytics stats for

Click for a clear view.

2. Alexa traffic stats for the last week , also available here in detail.

Alexa Stats for

3. I recently activated the who is online plugin on Linux blog which shows how many users are currently online. Normally 5-15 users are online but I was surprised when it reached 38 users.

Guests on

Click for a clear view.

4. This site says that my blog is worth US$4300.

PS : I think a blogger would know more SEO techniquest than a IE student 😛


Panic Mode

I have been writing blog posts about linux since last two and a half years now. I wrote most of them because I faced difficulties in installing or configuring or using open source softwares and keeping in mind that others may be facing the same problems. And it has come a long way now. My linux blog gets more than 5000 hits a month and 75% of the visitors come via google search(src. google analytics) who are searching for howtos on different topics.

Sometime people write me asking questions about configurations and related things. I received a mail from a guy in uk who read some post on my linux blog and felt like helping me in some way. While I received his mail, I was in panic mode. Because I broke a module on one of my production servers and I was not able to fix it even after trying for hours continuously. IRC and google didn’t help and at the same time a guy in IRC really frustrated me with his behavior while helping. So, I didn’t care about the mail from the guy from uk and replied in really hurry and in a really bad manner. I didn’t even consider what I was writing. I usually reply to a mail whenever I get it. I don’t like to wait for replying.

After sometime I got the reply saying that he was trying to help me and I had been very rude in my reply. I just read the sent mail again and found it really hard to believe that I sent it. I replied with apologies and everything was fine after wards. It was embarrasing to know that I hurt stranger at a remote place. Now onwards, don’t reply to a mail while in panic mode 🙂

PS : Tough night. It took a really long time to fix a small problem 🙂



People may be wondering or cursing me for injecting crap into the Internet at a very fast rate but I got some reasons for blogging this frequently. It so happened that I didn’t blog for some months last year. I had a lot of topics to blog about but I didn’t. The ideas accumulated over time and I started feeling very uncomfortable because I didn’t really write what I was feeling for few months. Then I wrote this post. After writing that post I felt very good and comfortable with life. What I deduced from that incidence and what people say is writing down your thought or sharing them with others makes you feel better 🙂

So, I thought I’ll exercise this and recently started posting frequently and believe me I really feel good when I write a post whether it be crap or some useful information. I have decided to write very frequently but write short posts. So thats it for today 🙂

PS1 : My submission appeared on slashdot yesterday.

PS2 : Its fun hanging out with developers in #yum on freenode. Have been testing and sending small patches since a week now 🙂

PS3 : Cultural night was *REAL* fun 🙂 thanks to all the people who were a part of it 🙂

PS4 : Hooked to Boy Meets World 🙂 Nice show 😛

PS5 : Wasting less time on checking mails. This habit is seriously driving me nuts.