Volley Ball – The New Time Pass

Whenever I see a new unread item in Google Reader, I try to capture few keywords from the summary. Today I was reading a summary which contained “yuktahaar food”, “food pretty much sucks“, and I eventually got interested to read the entire post. Couldn’t really figure out what was going in the post as I don’t really watch FRIENDS (I don’t understand why they write in all caps), but this line “Well this exercise just goes to show how much free time we have on our hands these days” inspired me to write this post.

Well, since last three days we are regularly playing volley ball for almost 2 hours after coffee shop (around 4PM) and we are looking forward to continue this 🙂 I still remember the time when we used to play volley ball at 5AM (after night out) in summer vacations of second year and it was amazing experience. Volley is one of the outdoor games which I love the most. I don’t know why but it has something to do with my childhood. My father used to play volley ball a lot. So I got attracted to this sport.

Vellapanthi is really forcing us to try the things which we never did and thats really messing up with social life! Hope we’ll come with sane ideas to conquer this vellapanthi 🙂

Keeping this post a bit short because I have to take an exam at 9:30 in the morning. It’ll be better if I learn something before its too late.

Don’t argue about the title. time pass OR pass time!


6 thoughts on “Volley Ball – The New Time Pass

  1. One of the sane ideas to pass time for you would be to actually watch friends…. 🙂
    We are still left with the option to read posts abt time pass 🙁
    Again time pass or pass time 😛

  2. @Sanrag my state keep toggling .. at one instant, I am super busy and at the next instant I have nothing to do 😐
    @Pankaj Sure!
    @Kapil thats not going to happen 😀

  3. same pinch, bout the Volleyball 🙂 …

    but, i always failed to gather enough ppl to play with. Then i stopped trying …

    this reminds me … i am unable to log into my students account … whom should i contact ??

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