Not going home on Diwali, yet another time

Ever since I got into IIIT, I never celebrated Diwali at home. And diwali in south India is not really celebrated with much enthusiasm as compared to north India. Last year I might have gone home but the laziness factor overpowered me and I chose to stay back at IIIT. This year, I was thinking of going home.

I woke up at 7:00AM on Oct 19th to book ticket in Tatkal. But the almighty computer caught my attention and I was browsing random stuff till 7:30AM. I left for the station in a hurry and discovered a huge line for reservation. While standing in the line, I was just thinking how railways and airways completely looks like a computer network. Assuming rail tracks as wires, trains as current, stations as switches, junctions as routers, local MMTS network as VLANs, airways as wifi and people as packets who want to flow through these. The entire transportation system translates to a computer network. AC/Sleeper/General translates to different quality of services. Both of them have the same problem, they are overcrowded. Anyway I was there in the queue for 40 minutes and I could move only 8-10 feet. And a few minutes later, I realized that Tatkal quota was over. Yipeeee!!!! We have crossed the allocated bandwidth limit. Check back laterz. I got back to IIIT and successfully continued browsing after that.

I could have tried for the ticket the next day but again the laziness factor overpowered me and now I am ready to celebrate Diwali at IIIT yet another time 🙂


8 thoughts on “Not going home on Diwali, yet another time

  1. what man… u shud have gone home this time atleast to break the record… i really miss home especially whenevr there is something happening going on …

  2. @ShArK I too think that … I am surely out of my mind …
    @Mathur don’t say that when you are going home …
    @Himank g33k 😀
    @Raman sahi mein had hai yaar … ek ticket tak nahin milti 😛

  3. another stereotyping about south! I dont agree at all, its only your perception guyz,
    i ll invite you my home i bet you ll change opinion!

  4. this is a trait for a great mind .. you are connecting things and implementing concepts learned from one place to the other.
    congrats you have transformed into a thinker.

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