I want reservation

Well, enough has been said about reservation by millions of bloggers and other people who express their views on Internet either by blogging or forums or any other medium. And most of the people ( the ones who fall in the non-reserved categories and the ones who think its not a good idea) have opposed it. FYI, I fall in OBC (other backward classes), but I never used this because I had enough talent to defeat the problems myself.

We (the IIITians), time and again boast of no reservation at this holy place. And I am also proud of this as this brings THE talent to our institute which makes it THE place that it is. You might be wondering why the heck I want reservation??

Well, recent happenings have forced me to think in a tangential direction. The increasing number of non-IIITians at IIIT is one of them. Right now at IIIT, ratio non-IIITians/IIITians is more than 2. Here, I count IIITians as all the students who came to IIIT under UG, PG (excluding MSIT, check this. It doesn’t list MSIT in IIIT’s PG curriculum) and PhD programs. My friends’ requests for rooms in OBH have been denied because there are no rooms left. Rooms allotted to my friends (they were about to shift in a few days) have been given to outsiders without even informing them. One fine day they came with their luggage to OBH and found out that their rooms have been given to some other people (non-IIITians). All BC spots (Coffee Shop, NBH main gate, playgrounds etc.etc…) are now over-populated. These are just a few things to mention. The people living in the campus right now, know them much better. All resources (bandwidth is the one about which I am worrying the most) are now shared.

All this said, I want some reservation in IIIT for IIITians. May be I am being a bit paranoid, but I am serious about whatever I said.


16 thoughts on “I want reservation

  1. You’re absolutely right. You always write to the point, just the apt things. Nice. 🙂

  2. The front of NBH looks like a ‘labour chawk’ most of the time 😀
    I want reservation for myself too, else I will riot! 😀

  3. @ORB dude i m sick of it … it seems you ppl are lucky, leaving at the right time 😐
    @Kunal from different disciplines i would say .. gurukul, msit, apiiit … 🙁

  4. i wouldn’t have complained if there were any good looking chicks .. but yeah, seriously, i’m also sick with the number of people in IIIT! there are like more than 5-6 strangers in my wing now!

  5. Seriously everywhere now seems lyk mela with lal-peela combination . Living in NBH now is like living in a govt. hostel. Govt. should have given them some cloths b4 sending them here . Hope they will shift from here to new IIITs soon but still this summer is ruined 🙁

  6. I was thinking on similar terms .. that probably in few years we IIITians will be extinct .. we already are endangered species now … this gurukulam thing should be stopped ..

    P.S : No offense against MSIT .. they have gud luking bandiyaan !! 😀

  7. @satya for that, a different kinda reservation is required 😛
    @Sachin dude you can shift to pankaj’s room in OBH. He is going home anyway …
    @Gabriel Nahin yaar .. kahaan hain .. 2-3 ko chod ke dekh phir pata chalega ..
    @ORB I made this a few days back when i needed a hackergotchi for my avtar for planet fedora. checkout a larger one here.

  8. I too am sick of being treated as a pile of rubbish in front of non-IIITians… seriously… I am thinking of advising ppl to come in this way to IIIT rather than scoring a good rank in AIEEE and then coming here to be treated like scum 🙁

    @Gabriel.. just want to point this out… exactly what satisfaction does it give you to gloat on gals who are unsuspicious of ur emotions… Aren’t they human? Shudn’t gals be treated with a li’l more reverence.. rather than playdolls..?? n yeah… FYI, I am not a gal nor a female right activist… 😛

  9. donno what the management is upto …. looks like IIIT is overcrowded now …. it seems, they’ll stop taking IIITians in IIIT in the coming years 😛

  10. The problem with everyone of those of you who can’t stand gurukulam people in IIIT is that you think of yourselves as being ‘intellectuals’ and thus deserve special treatment. C’mon, everyone knows getting a rank in AIEEE now-a-days is as simple as mugging continuously 24 x 7 for a period of two years in a coaching centers. The real waste of resources is brought about by those among us (including some of profs and PhDs) who claim to do “pathbreaking” Research while end up publishing copies of papers, copies of projects which lack original ideas. The gurukulam people on the other hand are village people who have been unfortunately denied equal opportunities as their urban counterparts as they could not even dream of coaching centers.
    All of you should understand that AP government provides the land at a pittance for all of us. So it is a kind of returning that favour – the gurukulam program, to empower disadvantaged sections.
    @ Gabriel, ORB you should be ashamed of yourselves for exposing your contempt for country people so blatantly in the public. How would you feel if you are treated similarly when you go to a foreign univ ?
    PS: I am an UG.

  11. @anonymous I agree to your thoughts. They are a bit philosophical but anyway I am not willing to comment in that domain. Only fact that made me write the post was that we are being denied access to the services (rooms in obh) for favoring those. Helping others is good idea and to me it is the best thing ( the fact that i m too much into foss proves it). But you should think of helping others only when you have enough resources to do so.

  12. @anonymous… I just feel you took it all wrong… The point was not to kick them out because we feel we are superior.. The point is that we are being neglected..Leave IIIT, nobody likes neglection in his own college… so why shud we are supposed to be an exception…. It won’t be saying wrong if I put it this way… that we have the first right on college resources… Sharing is one thing.. Snatching our rights to give them to others is totally different.. I hope u got my point..

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