Exciting Summer

This summer, life is pretty much exiciting as compared to the last year because a lot of colleagues are here in the campus. Age of Empires day and night along with a bit of project work and some other coding stuff. Day before yesterday, I was up all the night playing AOE. I slept between 11am-03pm in the ug2 lab. I attended my project meeting between 4pm-5pm. I was almost dead in the meeting due to sleep. Then, I slept between 5pm-00:30am in the hostel. After that canteen and from 2:00am-7:00am, guess what … AOE again.

I mentioned, I slept in the lab. Believe me, sleeping in the lab rocks, because you can wake up any time and start playing AOE again or browse some stuff or check your mails(No wastage of time in the transportation from hostel to lab). Though you can do all this from the hostel room as well, its kinda fun to spend time in lab and the CooL AC advantage.

Sometime we play AOE with seniors as well. They are quite ahead of us in the game but thats just due to the experience they gain in one/two extra years. In the beginning, a III year senior beat us in a 5 Vs 1 match :(. But now we can beat them in 2/3 Vs 1 match. Our AOE team mainly consist of me, ajay somani, kiran dandu, deepak vig, sanket and sometimes ankush and ojasvi as well …

Well, apart from all the above masti and fun, I am doing my project as well. Currently, I am mentoring two students in an Open Source project “True Type To Open Type Font Converter” under the guidance of Dr. C.V. Jawahar with the help of Mr. Sunil Mohan Adapa (IIIT Alumni).

PS: Found this site very useful if you are pretty upset …


Kulbir Saini

I am a B.Tech. student at IIIT Hyderabad studying Computer Science and Engineering. My interests include Open Source, Free Software, Object Oriented Programming, Web Design, Social Entrepreneurship etc. I enjoy exploring Linux and writing about it. To know more about me visit my home page at http://kulbirsaini.com/


8 thoughts on “Exciting Summer

  1. nice to know tht u guys improved a lot.. how abt the 2/3 vs 1 match sometime 🙂

  2. yeah…spending time in Lab …I love it !!
    yaar muze to AOE khelna hi nahi aata… 🙁
    par yaar iss summer main to mera bahut bura kat raha hai…
    like C-STAR .JV etc 🙁
    newayz short n sweet post Kulbir ..keep it up…

  3. yeah ..!! playing AOE is gr8 fun in lab….so lets today play again AOE [:D]..bytheway wherever AC exists, sleepness is there too .!! [:)]
    waiting for more ..!!

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